Where does this MAC come from?


I am a brand new user and just now getting started with the Baicells. My configuration is bridged eNB and CPE in router/nat mode. When I look at the CPE, I can’t find a MAC address that shows up in my dhcp server. SO…my questions are these:

  1. Where does this mac address come from?
  2. Is there a way to predict it or calculate it from the one on the box?
  3. Is it configurable?

My normal procedure is to upgrade these to firmware 1.0.8 if that matters.


Beginning with the SPC008 version, you can use LGW L2 mode. To change LGW mode, navigate to the Network -> LGW page. In LGW L2 mode, the eNB will create a virtual interface for every UE that attaches. Each virtual interface will then do a DHCP request and create a 1:1 mapping between the UE IP (from Cloud EPC) and LGW IP. In L2 mode, the MAC address that the CPE uses is generated from the IMSI number. To calculate the CPE Mac address, convert the last 12 digits of the IMSI number to hex, then prefix it with 8A.

For example, if the IMSI is 311980000002918, you would take the last 12 digits “980000002918” and convert it to hex which would equal “E42C8D5366”, which brings us to the MAC address of 8A:E4:2C:8D:53:66. Once you know the MAC address, you can provision your networking accordingly.

Quoting from the Baicells June 2nd weelky email


Thanks. JUST found this on the FaceBook group page.


That doesn’t work, I even tried A8 and still no go.


I made a page that calculates the MAC for you. https://mytty.net/baicells/

If you type the IMSI it will automatically calculate the MAC address. All processing is done with JavaScript on client side.