Our licensed frequency is being used by someone else in our area. How do I found who it is?

On Saturday, we noticed our download speeds changed on one of towers. 3 of our four sectors suddenly started have low download and upload speeds. We have the customers set to 25Mbps DN and 5Mbps UP. On these three sectors the downloads went from 20 ish to 3mbps dn and 1 mpbs up.

We changed the frequency to another frequency we have and its back to normal.

How do I found out who is using our Licensed Frequency? I searched the FCC website and found our frequency and we are the licensed user. No one else is even close to this frequency. None of our other frequencies are interfering with this frequency either.

Licensed Frequency 2682 Mhz 41510 15Mhz channel.
We moved it to another frequency we own and its working now.

Try and triangulate where the noise is coming from with a spectrum analyzer or CPE scan. You should be able to estimate the source location or tower. Contact the landlord.

If you are in the US then I would check the FCC ULS website and see who owns the other EBS chls in your market. In our market Sprint owns the other chls and occasionally one of their sub contractors will set the wrong chl by mistake. A call to the Sprint NOC will usually get this corrected.

If you are stuck and need a spectrum analyser you don’t have, you can reach out to HAM opperators in your area. Some may have equipment that goes that high. They love to chase rouge signals. Unfortunatly I don’t think any of the ecnonmical analysers have frequencies up to 2682.