BaiTip of the Day - November 3rd, 2016 - Dual Slant Antenna Manufacturers


BaiTip of the Day - November 3rd, 2016: We encourage all Baicells operators to use Dual Slant antennas from the following manufacturers, KP Performance, Alpha, MTI, and Radiowaves. We have observed less than desirable performance from other brands on the market. We will be doing testing on the above stated brands in the coming months. Don’t skimp on a quality antenna and then blame the radio for poor performance.


Question- Are the KP Performance KPPA-3S3S-65SS Over Under or Side by Side? I’ve been looking on the website and have not been able to find the answer.


I have sent KP Performance this question. We will post the answer when we receive it.


Answer from KP Performance: This is a quad port antenna. The two sets of pallets are side by side in this antenna. They are used with a variety of 4 port radio platforms.