Antenna options for Nova 436Q

I am looking to migrate my Nova 227 radios over to the more powerful 436Q. The 227 has built in antennas but you use use external antennas with the 436Q. I’m wanting to create a 360 degree radius or near 360 radius using sector antennas but most have dual ports so I would only be able to use two sectors with the 436Q. My questions is do they make a single port 90 degree sector that would allow me to use 4 sectors to create a 360 radius?


Typical setup with 436Q for 360 degree coverage (outside of an omni) is to use two radios with 4 sectors (typically x4 65 degree sectors). Each 436Q can support up to two antennas when in DC (dual carrier) configuration. Note that you will need a DC license key to activate this mode.

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Okay, I picked my antenna option. I’m planning on using KP Performance KPP-3DP65S-45 3.5-4.2GHz 18.1dBi 2-Port 65° Sectors. Four of these should give me all the radius coverage I’m looking for. Would I need to use Antenna Shield Kits with these? I’ve seen them used with and without them.

That antenna will work well. You can see from the datasheet how a 4-sector coverage pattern looks. I’m not aware of any shield kits, but that antenna has a very strong f2b ratio, so I wouldn’t worry too much about shielding.