360° coverage with 65° Nova 227

Hi everyone,

I’m really interested in the Nova 227 as it perfectly fits my needs for a low-powered, low capacity base station covering a small service area with a radius of approximately 2km.

The problem is that I need to achieve 360° coverage, but the Nova 227 integrated antenna has a very tight 65° pattern.

I can buy multiple Nova 227s, but when I get up to four Nova 227s the price is about the same as the Nova 233, so it becomes less attractive from a pricing perspective.

My question is, could I achieve acceptable 360° coverage of 2km radius with three Nova 227s, or would the coverage end up with too many big nulls?

I’ve tried a few planning tools but they all come up with slightly different results, and of course I don’t have the detailed antenna plots for the Nova 227.

Appreciate any help/thoughts you can offer.

All you need is 2 at the most !!! Once you pick up enough eu’s then it is time to replace one with a 233 and a sector which can change to to various degrees. The 227’s can be recycled to a new location.