Nova 227 questions

Nova 227 questions. I am currently familiar with and use only 2.4 and 5ghz WISP products.

What distance can I achieve with these? (compared to say the Nova 436?)
How do a check for and apply for the license?

OK, so not much activity here. Kinda hard to make decisions on purchasing when nobody answers questions…

Hi! I would be happy to assist you with this or getting you in touch with the right people that can help. I believe the 227 is used for short distances and the Nova 436Q would get you much more distance along with other features. I can get you in contact with some people that would have more answers if that would be beneficial?

Yes, that would be great! I need to know about the licensing of this band, and how I can see what frequencies are open in my area, who/what company owns or operates in them.

Thank you

no problem sorry about the late response. Please email, and let them know your area that you are looking to install in this will help greatly. They will get you in contact with an engineer that can help you based on your location for discovering both bands and licensing.

I have discussed spectrum in my area with Federated and am all clear with no other CBRS equipment close to me. A few more questions:

Can I use the same subscriber radios with the 227 and the 436q and other APs? If I go with the 227 just to play with, later down the road if I want to upgrade to the 436q or other AP I don’t want to have to swap out every subscriber module.

Correct. The LTE CPEs you deploy will be able to attach to any LTE standards-based eNodeB. And specifically in our case, yes, the same CPEs can connect to both 227 and 436Q.

Thanks for that information. Can you estimate clear LOS ranges for both of these models? Reviewing all data to make a purchase decision soon:


I know there are output power differences, just trying to see what the range difference is with these.

Without getting into any free space path loss calculations, and assuming LOS and good SNR, you will likely see coverage up ~5 miles with 227 and ~9 miles with 436Q. Note that the 227 is designed more for micro pop scenarios, which is more suitable for the 1-2 mile range. It has a built-in electronic downtilt of 10°, so you may need up tilt it if shooting for maximum coverage. Additionally, for any of our eNB products, if you may also need to adjust the distance-related parameters, such as Zero Correlation Zone Config (as found on LTE>Advance page) if targeting for a link greater than 6 miles.

Can you please estimate NLOS distance between these two models? I am just looking for a comparison between the two.

Not heavy foliage, but light.

So is the 227 a LOS or is it good for NLOS as well? I am looking to deliver service thru a few trees up to 1/2 to 3/4 mile maximum. There are however some trees and size this operate in the 3.5Ghz range, I am told this is a poor choice for NLOS. Can someone please respond that has experience using this and what to expect once deployed.

Thank you.

I have just deployed our new Nova 227 this weekend and wanted to give a review. I can say that I’m very impressed with the NLOS of these unites. They don’t seem to have a long range, but up to 3/4 mile I’m able to get service thru thick trees and buildings. I’m very impressed with the Nova 227 as we have been in the WISP business for over 15 year and this is the only true NLOS system I have seen. The only problem I have is the initial setup is complicated but once it’s setup it works very well. I would have to say that the Nova 227 is going to be a game changer for our WISP and we will be deploying more as soon as possible. A+++++


Kent, thanks for posting. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information about the 227 performance here. Can you tell me more about your setup? What end user radio model are you using? What are your speed results? I am sure I will have more questions to ask you. Thanks so much.

I am using the Bai cells EG7010A-M11 3.5GHz Atom OD06 CPE Cat6 14dBi for the customer CPE’s. I’m getting about 44-50 MB down and 6-9 MB up at about 3/4 mile thru thick foliage. these are mounted on the outside of the customers house about 9-12 foot in the air. I have not tried any of the indoor CPE’s or any others except the EG7010A-M11 but these seem to be working pretty good. With light foliage I’m able to get speeds over 100MB down and about 12-15 MB up.These do not offer the higher speeds like the 5Ghz stuff does but it’s a really good quality link. I’m doing another install this weekend for a customers and will be testing it with streaming video and VoIP phone service. If this works good then I am for sure hooked and will start deploying more of the Nova 227 base stations on all our towers.

Take care.


Hi midsouth01,

I’m going to use Nova 227, May be you can give me a hand.
Currently I’m needing these information:

  • Does Nova 227 give an acceptable services for a distance of 3 miles?
  • Can any smartphone work with Nova 227?

Kind regards

I would not recommend trying to use it on deployments over 1 mile. The 227 is for smaller target areas. the 223 with larger antennas would be your best bet if you wanted to reach out that far. I have customers on our 227 at 1 mile and under. I guess it you got it high enough like 200 ft you may could reach out that far but I’ve never tested it. I also have never used a smartphone to connect to our 227 network so I can’t comment on that. I don’t think that would work anyway… Thanks -Kent

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@alimous12 As midsouth01 mentioned, the 227 is not ideal for 3 mile coverage. It is possible with enough height, but would highly suggest looking at the higher power eNBs (436Q, 846) for that distance.

Re smartphones, there should be no issue here. We have many customers using mobile UEs.

@midsouth01, @jesse: Thank you very much for the information.

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I tested our 227 with one of the ATOM ID04/ID06 indoor CPE’s and it’s pretty impressive. I had this unit running inside my truck and was about 1/2 mile away through thick trees and houses. I was able to get over 60 MB down and it was very reliable. I love these indoor units because this would avoid having to do any kind of wiring at the customers location. Just plug in the power and go. I also like the fact it acts like a Wifi router for the customer so there is no need to install a wireless router. Not going to get much over a 1/2 mile but this is a great all-in-one CPE and it’s plug and play. I bet if I were using the more powerful 436Q it would get faster speeds and further range. Anyway I just wanted to post me test results.


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I must have something wrong on mine then. I am going 1/2 to 3/4 mile. LOS works fine, when I move to customers house behind a few trees, I cannot get any signal at all. Anything obvious I should check? I thought at first it was the built-in downtilt, so I double-checked the mounting on the tower. It is tilted up enough to cover it.