436Q Recommended Height

I have a tower thats 98 Ft high and will be using it to deploy (2) 436Q base stations and (4) 90o sector antennas to get a full 360o coverage. I was wondering if this tower will be high enough or is it recommended to mount them higher? I’m wanting to cover a 1 mile radius and it be strong enough inside this radius to use indoor CPE’s. That’s the goal anyway.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.

Depends on the overall height including hill or mountain. Do you have a clear height advantage over your intended coverage area ?

and trees, they only do 1w…

It’s above the tree’s and still pretty low to the ground. The sectors will be 100 feet off the ground once mounted. We are only trying to cover a 1.2 mile radius and hope to be able to use the indoor CPE’s within the first 3/4 miles. I’m attaching a couple picture from the top of the tower taken with our drone.