CBRS Part 96 Certification

Can someone please point me to a list of CBRS Certified CPEs? Ideally organized by Model number or something so I can pull it out of my OMC.

Click Image for full scale and color code

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EEK!!! @rick.harnish, I’m concerned that the two certified CPEs are not ones that we use. They likely won’t fit in our reflectors, nor are they powerful enough to make the shot on their own. I have dozens of MT422e radios in the field. They will need replaced, because they aren’t compliant. However, the 2 radios you have listed as compliant will NOT work for us. They aren’t powerful enough.

Will BaiCells be providing reflectors where necessary to make up for the weaker radios? The latest post on Facebook indicates we can get 50% off - which is better than a poke in the eye, so thanks! - BUT, the current situation will result in MOST of my customers with no service.

How can we be certain that the Gen2 EG7035L-M11 and EG7035E-M11 will be certified? When will we know? I don’t want to buy another 50 radios that won’t work. …and we’re running out of time.

I am freaking out a little bit, Rick. :flushed:


I suggest you place an order for the EG7035LM11. It is a CAT4 14 dbi model. It is not certified today, but we expect it to get certified by mid March. For links that are not quite as challenging, the EG7010A-M11 CAT6 should do just fine. It is already certified. With the corona virus causing major disruption in supply chains, manufacturing processes and shipping, you should prepare for delays. I realize the deadline is April 15th, 2020 and I wish I could promise you product before then, but I can predict with high probability that it isn’t going to happen. I would reach out to WISPA, who is working very hard to get a blanket extension for our industry.

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Thanks so much for the effort you have put forth. I know you’re in a pickle.

My next problem is that I need a 19.5Dbi radio to replace the current 19s we have in the field. I really hate to use 14s with a reflector unless we’re making a super tricky shot. Moving down to a 14 by itself just won’t get the job done. Are you concerned the 19s (EG7035E-M11) will NOT be certified?

No, I’m not concerned. Testing started this week.

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