CBRS and SAS Availability


CBRS can’t come soon enough. What is the industries best guess on when the SAS will be implemented and CBRS will become active? I see that Federated Wireless is doing trials already. Has Baicells selected a SAS partner yet? Will baicells be rolling their own?

– Dominic Feira



We are working with Federated Wireless already to incorporate the Baicells firmware into the Federated Wireless SAS. We have not yet started any trials, but should be doing so very soon.


I’m right there with you on this. At WISPAPALOOZA, they said a year, year and a half or so before CBRS would be a ‘go’. I’d definitely like to be on the forefront and ready to go before then.


Any updates on this?
Thnx, Tom


Not much new yet. The CBRS Allance is still working on rule recommendations for the FCC to consider. Some testing is in progress now with SAS database providers. No word on the PAL auction yet.


Any updates on this? I just joined a Telrad webinar about the launch of CBRS 4Q 2018. This was put on by Telrad and Federated Wireless. I am wondering what Baicells has on the roadmap to be able to connect to SAS and start using the 3550-3650 band?
Is Baicells working with a SAS yet?