Nova 227 w/SAS and Open5gs

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has done a setup like that before? I am running into issues with the first step (IMHO) - getting a registered status from the Federated Wireless SAS I am using. Does anyone use it and is willing to share some pointers?
Thanks in advance!

Have you read through the SAS Deployment Guide yet? Any specific errors you are seeing? From OMC on Advance>SAS page, you can click the log button next the respective CBSD.

I did fill in all the blanks, and the information matches the CBSD/my CPI information in tthe Federated setup. Could there be an issue with 1-step/2-step registration or that I did remove the cloudcore EPC?

We would need to see your configuration and logs to troubleshoot further. Could you help create a ticket so we can review your account?

Sure, thanks for the help - I just sent the ticket in.