Need edjucated on 227 w/ PCI and UEs with PCI lock

Hi all. I have a couple 227 that are next to each other on a pole. I have them both set to PCI 52 because I just copied the config of one to the other.

I have a couple of UEs that are linking to the wrong eNB and I want to correct it. I’m thinking that I need to change the PCI on one of these and then use the PCI lock to force (fixed) UEs to the right eNB.

Also, the UEs in question are set to connect to heighest power but they wont ‘roam’ to the best signal if they connect to the wrong one. Might this be related to the identical PCI ?

Anyway, any risk in me just changing the PCI from 52 to 53 on one of the 227 and then setting UEs to PCI lock on the appropriate one?

I just don’t want to cause a truck roll to resolve something.


Hi Syadnom.

I will deploy a scenario with a couple of Nova227 too. Each eNb needs to be configured with different PCI for best performance. Search for PCI collision on google. ^^