UE not connecting to nova 227



We have a local EPC that a Nova 227 is connected to (S1AP successful). Our UE is an Essential PH-1 phone. It is unable to connected to the eNB. Any thoughts on why this cannot be done? Can I see the logs somehow?


Yes, you can download logs from the eNB web GUI. Please send an email to support_na@baicells.com with the eNB logs.


Thanks! We got it to connect, had to just wait for it to connect to the EPC.


Run a Wireshark on the S1-AP from the eNodeB. A few months ago We saw an issue with the mBS2130 (Nova 436) in the lab with this handset.

What was happening was that the S1 would drop after the PH1 attempted to attach. This was traced down to an MTU problem. The PH1 supports about 27 bands, so the UECapabilityInfo message is very large; this caused S1AP packets to exceed the supported MTU of our transport network. BaiCells removed the DF bit from the signaling traffic, thus resolving the issue.

I would not be surprised if the issue likewise exists in the Nova 233.


Will try!

Could I know how to capture traffic from the eNB? I set the ForwardIP to my system, but I don’t see any traffic at all. When I download the log files and open tracepcap.ng.gz, I see UDP traffic with the src IP for packets as 127.0.01…


One more thought: what EARFCN are you running on? The PH1 doesn’t support B48 with the current release since the device is not yet certified under FCC Part 96 rules (well, nothing from any vendor is at this point). Make sure you are using B43 EARFCNs. I’ve tested on EARFCN 44190 (center freq 3660MHz) and it attaches quite happily.


Are you asking how to do a PCAP from the eNodeB itself?

I unfortunately can’t provide you with that information as it was made available under NDA terms. If you reach out to support, they should be able to help you.