110.9 - New eNB software has been released! (For 1W and 250mW eNB)


110.9 (B110SPC009) for Nova R9 base stations has been released. This is the first GA release of the B110 software family, with the main feature being 96 user support. The 96 UE feature must first be enabled before more than 32 UEs can attach. To enable this feature, navigate to LTE->Advanced->Working mode Parameters and set “Multi-user Mode (96UE)” to Enable.

SUPPORTED HARDWARE: Nova 233 (1W eNB) and Nova 227 (250mW eNB). Please note, the Nova 243 (10W eNB) is NOT supported in this version, but will be supported in a future B110 release.

KNOWN ISSUE: The list of UEs within the UE Status section on the Basic Info page may not display properly. This issue can be resolved by clearing the browser cache.

DISCLAIMER: Uboot version 1.0.18 or higher is required for this software version. Please verify the Uboot version on the System->Upgrade page. If version is less than 1.0.18, then please download and upgrade the Uboot version first, before upgrading to B110.

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiStation_V100R001C00B110SPC009.IMG
Uboot Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/u-boot-t2200-nand-1.0.18.img


Version V100R1C0B110SPC009

New Features:
- Added: Support 96 users. (To enable feature: LTE->Advanced->Capacity Parameters->Support 96 UEs Enabled) 
- Added: Support SFP interface.
- Added: Support informing OMC of MME Pool status.
- Added: Display DATA Ethernet link speed on WAN/LAN page if DHCP is selected.
- Added: Display reminder notification if a reboot is required before settings can be applied. 
- Added: Add alarm for time synchronization failed.
- Added: Add additional KPIs to monitor network status.
- Added: Display downlink and uplink BLER on Basic Info page.
- Added: Display UE LGW MAC address on Basic Info page.
- Added: Support recording of temperature records every 30 minutes. 

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Can't bind more than 32 IMSIs.
- Fixed: Core dump after binding 96 IMSIs.
- Fixed: Can't set frequency to 3600 MHz.
- Fixed: RF is on when RF switch is set to disabled in the web GUI.
- Fixed: 250mW eNB does not display Country Code parameter.
- Fixed: 250mW eNB power range is wrong.
- Fixed: 1W eNB RF switch resets to enabled after reboot.

- Uboot version should be 1.0.18 or higher.
- This firmware version sets IPSEC and EPC settings back to the Baicells CloudCore.  Operators using a hardware EPC, will need to change these settings back to their hardware EPC settings.
- Upgrade all UEs to firmware version 1.0.3 or later
- Do not upgrade eNB from firmware versions earlier than B100SPC008.
- Delete any IMSI bindings before upgrading firmware.


can’t log into eNB after firmware update. Trying Admin and Admin? is it something different now?


I installed the update on a 250mw unit and CPEs could No longer even see the cell. Once I did a rollback all CPEs connected and we’re fine.


No, default is still admin/admin (all lowercase). Let me know if you require help with a password reset.


Was the cell status Active?

If you would like to try the upgrade again, coordinate with support (support_na@baicells.com) on the date and time so that a support engineer can be available to review any issues related to the upgrade.


Yes it was, and all of the various links and tunnels were connected and “up”. The CPEs were showing “No service” but as soon as I rolled back everything came up without any intervention from me… I was also not able to find the parameter to allow 96 CPEs to connect, though it did show success on the upgrade.


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It turns out that the SW upgrade on the eNBs were was setting the RF status to “disabled”. Manaually enabling it solved the problem.