RTS 3.6.6 - New eNB software has been released!

RTS 3.6.6 for Nova R9 TDD base stations has been released. This version includes many bug fixes, improves on the SAS configuration procedure, and adds a number of new features including SNMP, PFS scheduler, and iPerf3.

Supported Hardware:
Nova 243 (2*10W eNB | BRU3501,3510,3511,3528)
Nova 233 (2*1W eNB | mBS1100,1105,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006,11007)
Nova 227 (2*250mW eNB | pBS2120,11001,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006)

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_RTS_3.6.6.IMG

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All other related documents, including Configuration & Network Administration Guide and SAS User Guide can be found on our documentation website.


Version BaiBS_RTS_3.6.6

New Features:
- Added: SAS multi-step registration
- Added: Improved SAS channel selection logic (added prefered freq, bandwidth, and power paramters under Quick Settings)
- Added: Legacy mode when SAS is enabled for B42/B43 support
- Added: Ability to upload P12 format CPI certificate on eNB GUI
- Added: Auto button to generate Install Certification Time field value
- Added: SNMP
- Added: PFS scheduler
- Added: Iperf3
- Added: UL 64QAM can be enabled/disabled from webGUI
- Added: Support eNB management from LGW subnet
- Added: Hysteresis and Time-to-Trigger configuration for A1,A2,A3,A5, and Measurement Control Parameters
- Added: Cell ID label changed to ECI
- Added: Web login timeout is now adjustable
- Added: SCTP port configuration from GUI
- Added: Tcpdump can be ran from admin user via SSH
- Added: Display IMSIs when LGW is disabled
- Added: Display eNB IPSec address on IPsec page
- Added: Display total aggregate throughput on Basic Info page
- Added: Display eNB name on Basic Info page
- Added: Display X2 status

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Space characters not supported in CPI Name field
- Fixed: Under SAS settings special characters were not allowed for user ID, FCC ID and callsign.
- Fixed: When HaloB and SAS are both enabled, the certificate page is hidden
- Fixed: SAS registration fails when SAS is disabled, eNB is restarted, and SAS is re-enabled
- Fixed: Frequency value may display as null when SAS is enabled
- Fixed: After the 10W base station restores the default configuration, the base station transmit power becomes 30dBm 
- Fixed: After upgrading to 3.5, the 10W base station cannot be configured to use more than 30dBm power
- Fixed: In SA 0 case, PRB utilization sometimes is shown over 100% in the syslog
- Fixed: In 32 UE case, when a UE goes offline the RLF access process is repeated
- Fixed: Importing config file in webGUI may fail
- Fixed: eNB may reboot when spectrum scan is started
- Fixed: UL and DL throughput unit was not being displayed correctly
- Fixed: "Restore default configuration" option doesnt set the configuration back to cloud EPC
- Fixed: Downlink GBR cannot be guaranteed
- Fixed: Dedicated bearer priority cannot be guaranteed
- Fixed: After IPsec connection is restored, MME still shows disconnected
- Fixed: Importing 1588 license from OMC will fail
- Fixed: Cell available KPI is not accurate
- Fixed: Service interruption after X2 handovers when using M11 CPEs
- Fixed: Upgrading without preserve settings from OMC may fail
- Fixed: Traffic is broken when using LGW router mode with static binding
- Fixed: Changing password in Firefox or Safari browser does not work
- Fixed: eNB coredump when there is heavy UDP DL traffic
- Fixed: Memory alarm 11111 is incorrectly reported
- Fixed: IPsec may not rebuild after disconnection
- Fixed: eNB coredump during 96 UE stress test
- Fixed: X2 setup may fail
- Fixed: Country code may not change
- Fixed: MME inteface binding cannot change after being set to PPPoE
- Fixed: OMC still displays IPsec address when IPsec is disconnected
- Fixed: "Power level is not correct" message prompt when Cloud EPC is enabled
- Fixed: SCTP and X2 alarms may not automatically clear
- Fixed: WAN packet loss rate is calculated incorrectly
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