RTD 3.6.6 - New eNB software has been released!

RTD 3.6.6 for Nova 246 TDD base station has been released. This version includes many bug fixes and adds a number of new features including SNMP, PFS scheduler, and iPerf3.

Supported Hardware:
Nova 246 (2*20W eNB | sBS81040)

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_RTD_3.6.6.IMG

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Version BaiBS_RTD_3.6.6

New Features:
- Added: SNMP
- Added: PFS scheduler
- Added: Iperf3
- Added: UL 64QAM can be enabled/disabled from webGUI
- Added: Support eNB management from LGW subnet
- Added: Hysteresis and Time-to-Trigger configuration for A1,A2,A3,A5, and Measurement Control Parameters
- Added: Cell ID label changed to ECI
- Added: Web login timeout is now adjustable
- Added: SCTP port configuration from GUI
- Added: Tcpdump can be ran from admin user via SSH
- Added: Display IMSIs when LGW is disabled
- Added: Display eNB IPSec address on IPsec page
- Added: Display total aggregate throughput on Basic Info page
- Added: Display eNB name on Basic Info page
- Added: Display X2 status

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: After upgrading to 3.5, the 10W base station cannot be configured to use more than 30dBm power
- Fixed: In SA 0 case, PRB utilization sometimes is shown over 100% in the syslog
- Fixed: In 32 UE case, when a UE goes offline the RLF access process is repeated
- Fixed: Importing config file in webGUI may fail
- Fixed: eNB may reboot when spectrum scan is started
- Fixed: UL and DL throughput unit was not being displayed correctly
- Fixed: "Restore default configuration" option doesnt set the configuration back to cloud EPC
- Fixed: Downlink GBR cannot be guaranteed
- Fixed: Dedicated bearer priority cannot be guaranteed
- Fixed: After IPsec connection is restored, MME still shows disconnected
- Fixed: Importing 1588 license from OMC will fail
- Fixed: Cell available KPI is not accurate
- Fixed: Service interruption after X2 handovers when using M11 CPEs
- Fixed: Upgrading without preserve settings from OMC may fail
- Fixed: Traffic is broken when using LGW router mode with static binding
- Fixed: Changing password in Firefox or Safari browser does not work
- Fixed: eNB coredump when there is heavy UDP DL traffic
- Fixed: Memory alarm 11111 is incorrectly reported
- Fixed: IPsec may not rebuild after disconnection
- Fixed: eNB coredump during 96 UE stress test
- Fixed: X2 setup may fail
- Fixed: Country code may not change
- Fixed: MME inteface binding cannot change after being set to PPPoE
- Fixed: OMC still displays IPsec address when IPsec is disconnected
- Fixed: "Power level is not correct" message prompt when Cloud EPC is enabled
- Fixed: SCTP and X2 alarms may not automatically clear
- Fixed: WAN packet loss rate is calculated incorrectly