QRTB 2.3.6 - New eNB software has been released!

QRTB 2.3.6 for Nova 436Q and Neutrino 430 TDD base stations has been released. This version mainly improves on the SAS configuration procedure and adds a number of new features including 64 user support, SNMP, and multi-VLAN.

Supported Hardware:
Nova 436Q (4*1W eNB | mBS31001)
Neutrino 430 (4*250mW eNB | pBS31010)

:warning: NOTICE: MIDDLE UPGRADE IS REQUIRED. Previous software configuration is not fully supported in the new release. If upgrading from software QRTB 2.0.7 or older, you will need to upgrade to middle release version QRTB 2.0.8 first. If an upgrade to QRTB 2.3.6 is performed without upgrading to the middle release, then it is highly suggested to reset the eNB’s configuration back to default.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Known Issues:

  1. When LGW is disabled (local EPC setup), a GTP-U packet processing error may occur and cause an eNB reboot. The bug fix has been added to temporary release BaiBS_QRTB_2.3.5_20200821.IMG.
  2. DC mode using two antennas is not supported with SAS.
  3. Restoring configuration to default will reset WAN interface to copper.

Middle Upgrade:
Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_QRTB_2.0.8.IMG
For the CloudCore & HaloB users:
Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_QRTB_2.3.6.IMG
For the Local EPC users:
Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_QRTB_2.3.5_20200821.IMG

Related Documents:

All other related documents, including Configuration & Network Administration Guide and SAS User Guide can be found on our documentation website.


Version BaiBS_QRTB_2.3.6

New Features:
- Added: 64 users (64+64 DC mode)
- Added: Multi-VLAN
- Added: S1 handover
- Added: SNMP
- Added: Support 3GPP Rel-15 UEs
- Added: Configure MTU size
- Added: Bind TR069 traffic to specific VLAN
- Added: SAS: Improved channel selection logic
- Added: SAS: Multi-step
- Added: SAS: Legacy mode (uses B42/43 instead of B48)
- Added: SAS: Add auto button to fill in date and time
- Added: SAS: Antenna gain can be configured in multi-step registration mode
- Added: SAS: Support P12 format CPI certificate

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: UE can't attach after MME reconnect
- Fixed: TR069 parameter change may cause coredump
- Fixed: eNB may reboot when band is 43 and EARFCN is set to edge of band
- Fixed: Antenna ports 3 & 4 still have power output when eNB is in single carrier mode
- Fixed: Cell neighbor configuration may cause coredump
- Fixed: SAS: cpiName field doesn't support space characters
- Fixed: SAS: eNB cannot go active if bandwidth is less than 20MHz and band is 48