QRTB 2.6.2 - New eNB software has been released!

QRTB 2.6.2 for Nova 436Q and Neutrino 430 TDD base stations has been released. This version mainly adds support for 96 users with some minor improvements and bug fixes.

Supported Hardware:
Nova 436Q (4*1W eNB | mBS31001)
Neutrino 430 (4*250mW eNB | pBS31010)

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_QRTB_2.6.2.IMG


Version BaiBS_QRTB_2.6.2

New Features:
- Added: 96 UE support
- Added: Support iPerf3 (SSH)

- Improved: Support additional KPIs
- Improved: Support modifying 64QAM UL setting from webGUI
- Improved: Rename preferred frequency list to "Cell 1" and "Cell 2" when in DC mode

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Cannot modify LAN IP from webGUI
- Fixed: Cannot disable RF when SAS is enabled
- Fixed: Antenna gain is not configured for Neutrino 430
- Fixed: Multiple VLANs cannot be configured with same IP address
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Where would you find the 64QAM option in the GUI? I went to ENB->Settings and looked over all options and couldn’t find it

You can find this parameter (64QAM) on the LTE Setting>Advanced page.