RTS/RTD - New eNB software has been released!

RTS & RTD for Nova TDD base stations has been released. This version mainly adds a number of bug fixes.

Supported Hardware:
RTS Software:
Nova 243 (2*10W eNB | BRU3501,3510,3511,3528)
Nova 233 (2*1W eNB | mBS1100,1105,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006,11007)
Nova 227 (2*250mW eNB | pBS2120,11001,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006)
RTD Software:
Nova 246 (2*20W eNB | sBS81040)

:warning: NOTICE: BEFORE UPGRADING THE NOVA 246 ENB, you will need to upgrade the FPGA firmware in order to retain compatibility with the new software. This can be performed from the eNB webGUI (System>Upgrade>FPGA Upgrade) or from the OMC (eNB>Upgrade>FPGA Upgrade File>New Task).

Software Download:
RTS: BaiBS_RTS_3.7.11.3
RTD: BaiBS_RTD_3.7.11.3
FPGA: BaiRRU_sRU81xxx_a_DT2K_1.0.4_55822@210719


Version BaiBS_RTS_3.7.11.3 & BaiBS_RTD_3.7.11.3

New Features:
- Added: Remote Electronical Tilt (RET) - Nova 246 ONLY

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: JS vulnerability in login page allowed exec of commands as root
- Fixed: Calculation error in PDCP.UpPktDelayDl KPI
- Fixed: Calculation error in PDCP.UpPktDiscardDl KPI
- Fixed: Calculation error in DRB.RlcDlTxByte.Sum KPI
- Fixed: Small packets were not being counted in DRB.RlcUlRxByte.Sum KPI
- Fixed: Incorrect reporting of PDCP.UpPktDiscardDl.1 KPI
- Fixed: Incorrect reporting of UL/DL data rate and PRB in SNMP
- Fixed: HaloB traffic usage is not reporting
- Fixed: E-RAB drop rate KPI in OMC displays N/A
- Fixed: eNB name did not support space characters
- Fixed: eNB may coredump when 32 UEs are attached
- Fixed: eNB may coredump when 96 UEs are attached in HaloB mode
- Fixed: Cannot modify Initial Management Server settings
- Fixed: Abnormal alarm ID 11199 (LMT continuous login failure) being reported
- Fixed: After software upgrade, the band, bandwidth, frequency may display correctly
- Fixed: Configuration update from OMC may cause eNB to abnormally reboot
- Fixed: Signaling trace will stop when WAN is disconnected and reconnected again
- Fixed: X2 connection with neighbor cell does not reestablish when cell status flaps
- Fixed: X2 connection cannot establish when both local and target cell are both slave PLMN
- Fixed: SCTP link failure will not be reported if IPsec connection flaps
- Fixed: Reset button on UL PRB RSSI Report page does not work
- Fixed: eNB may coredump when a dedicated bearer is released
- Fixed: UL PRB RSSI test result display does not refresh
- Fixed: Cell2 WAN port enters failed state but does not reboot after the keep alive timer times out
- Fixed: Cell status of FPGA is abnormal which makes UE unable to access
- Fixed: Abnormal reboot caused by FPGA
- Fixed: Abnormal reboot caused by slave cell in SC case
- Fixed: SAS: User ID SAS parameter does not support special characters
- Fixed: SAS: X2 connection cannot establish when SAS is enabled
- Fixed: SAS: PCI confusion alarm will not be reported when SAS is enabled
- Fixed: SAS: Preferred bandwidth will reset to 5MHz when ICIC is turned on
- Fixed: SAS: SAS registration procedure will get stuck if Preferred Power is set to 15 or 16 on Nova 227

- Improved: KPI parameters names are aligned between RTS and QRTB software

Lots of fixes, thank you. Is there any improvement with the web performance when accessing the enb via HTTPS?

The option to select 32 or 96 UE is missing in this firmware.

Not in this release. The fix was pushed to version 3.8 which is planned before EOY.

If eNB is Nova 227, you will require a license file to unlock 96 UE support. You can send an email to sales_na@baicells.com to request a free license.


I have difficulties applying this upgrade. I’ve only been able to upgrade 1 ebn on the 4 I tried.
On the other ones, one reboots during the upgrading process, one gives a “code 100 - File validation” error and the third one gives a “code 103, system error”.
I even tried the upgrade with the cli and it fails with this message : “upgrade BaiBS_RTS_3.7.11.3.IMG fail”

Has anyone this kind of issues ?



Which eNB model are you trying to upgrade?

When do we expect 3.8 to be released? Thanks