RTS 3.4.8 - New eNB software has been released!

RTS 3.4.8 for Nova R9 TDD base stations has been released. This version includes many bug fixes as well as adding important features like uplink 64 QAM, PRACH format 2, subframe config 0, 1588v2 sync, and jumbo frames. Starting with this version, we will also be changing the CloudCore PLMN to 314030.

Nova 243 (2*10W eNB | BRU3501,3510,3511)
Nova 233 (2*1W eNB | mBS1100,1105,11002)
Nova 227 (2*250mW eNB | pBS2120,11004)

:warning: NOTICE: BEFORE UPGRADING THE ENB, you will want to check if any Baicells Cat6 (Atom OD06) CPEs are connected to the eNB. For every CAT6 CPE which is connected to the eNB, you will want to verify that roaming is set to enabled. If roaming is set to disabled on any CAT6 CPE, it will prevent them from attaching to the eNB after the upgrade if the SIM card used does not begin with “314030”. These CPEs also use the following model names: EG7010CM11, EG7010AM11, or EG2013BM11. You can find the model names listed in the OMC under CPE > Monitor. From the CPE webgui, you can find the roaming setting on the Settings > LTE > Internet Settings page.

roaming setting

:warning: NOTICE: BEFORE UPGRADING THE ENB, please check the firmware version, eNBs with “BaiStation_V100R001C00B100” or earlier versions will need to upgrade to “BaiStation_V100R001C00B110” prior upgrading to RTS 3.4.8

For the CloudCore & HaloB users:
Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_RTS_3.4.8.6.IMG
For the Local EPC users:
Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_RTS_3.4.8.IMG
Previous Version: BaiBS_RTS_3.4.8.3
Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_RTS_3.4.8.3.IMG


Version BaiBS_RTS_3.4.8

New Features:
- Added: Uplink 64 QAM
- Added: PRACH format 2 (cell radius up to 29km)
- Added: TDD subframe configuration 0 (DL:UL ratio = 1:3)
- Added: Cold reset
- Added: SIB barring
- Added: 1588v2 sync
- Added: Jumbo frames (up to 1600 MTU)
- Added: Cell type configuration
- Added: XML configuration file format

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Packet loss in X2 handover
- Fixed: UL GBR cannot be guaranteed
- Fixed: Average RRC and Max RRC counters are not accurate
- Fixed: Random access in format 2 and 4 not working with 5MHz channel bandwidth
- Fixed: No traffic in dedicated bearer
- Fixed: DNS not working in VLAN interfaces
- Fixed: Coredump with 32 UEs in 5MHz channel bandwidth
- Fixed: Cell cannot go active when PLMN in changed in HaloB mode
- Fixed: RS power is not changed when SAS adjusts power
- Fixed: Radio frame not aligned with 1PPS in 5MHz bandwidth
- Fixed: Cell ID is out of range when configuration is reset
- Fixed: eNB is not reachable when MTU is set to 64
- Fixed: Parameters in configuration file are missing
- Fixed: VLAN ID is cleared after eNB reboot
- Fixed: Average MAC DL throughput is not accurate
- Fixed: eNB may not send STUN to OMC
- Fixed: UE may not have traffic in HaloB mode
- Fixed: VLAN may not delete successfully
- Fixed: eNB may remain active if eNB is out of sync and force sychronization is enabled
- Fixed: eNB may not go active when SAS authorizes transmission
- Fixed: SAS process may not initiate on reboot
- Fixed: WAN interfaces may not get IP address on reboot
- Fixed: IP path packet loss alarm inaccurately triggered

:warning: ADDITIONAL NOTICE: There is a known bug with the Atom OD06-L (EG7010CM11) CPE which prevents remote web access. This will be recovered by a future software upgrade. In the meantime, the only way to check the roaming parameter on this CPE model is from the LAN side.

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:bulb: QUICK TIP: In regards to the PRACH format 2 feature, here are some things to note:

  1. Subframe assignment (SA) will need to be set to 1 or 0. This is because the PRACH sequence (1.6ms) length will be greater than the length of one subframe (1ms). This means at least two UL subframes are needed.

  2. Zero Correlation Zone Config (ZCZC) may need to be changed based on desired cell radius. You can reference the chart below for appropriate setting:


  3. Special Subframe Patterns (SSF) will need to be set to 5 if target cell radius is over 15km.

  4. PRACH Configuration Index will need to be manually adjusted and the help text will change the range to 30~39. For fixed wireless, it is suggested to set this to 30, 31, or 32 (allocates the lowest amount of random access resources). You can find the PRACH configuration index table for reference below:

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So how do I download a config in XML format?

Note: Customers need to set/make sure CloudEPC is enabled before upgrading, save and then upgrade to 3.4.8. No need to reboot after setting the CloudEPC, hence the upgrading will also reboot the eNB. This is a very important step.

Did my upgrades several days ago. Did not check that setting. Where do I find it? Must be getting old.

Cloud EPC switch is on the Quick Settings page.

What about us without cloud core? Can we update at all then??

Yes, there is a download link for local EPC (non-CloudCore).

After upgrade, Cell Status would not become Active. This is likely due to the CloudEPC issue.

If you can’t find the CloudEPC option in Quick Settings, try temporarily disabling HaloB. Once disabled, I could find and enable CloudEPC. Then I re-enabled HaloB, rebooted, and Cell became Active again.

UPDATE: We have released a new sub-version (RTS for CloudEPC/HaloB users. This version fixes a bug where the eNB may not go Active after upgrading. The download link has been updated in the original post.

If you upgrade the 227 this is what happens to your settings, all blank and can’t change settings.
If you upgrade the 243 similar things happen, no Quick Settings can be changed.

UPDATE: We have released a new sub-version (RTS for CloudEPC/HaloB users. This version fixes a bug where the Quick Settings were blank and could not be changed. The download link has been updated in the original post.