RTS/RTD - New eNB software has been released!

RTS & RTD for Nova TDD base stations has been released. This version mainly adds security and bug fixes.

Supported Hardware:
RTS Software:
Nova 243 (2*10W eNB | BRU3501,3510,3511,3528)
Nova 233 (2*1W eNB | mBS1100,1105,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006,11007)
Nova 227 (2*250mW eNB | pBS2120,11001,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006)
RTD Software:
Nova 246 (2*20W eNB | sBS81040)

:warning: NOTICE: BEFORE UPGRADING THE NOVA 246 ENB, it is recommended to upgrade the FPGA firmware. This can be performed from the eNB webGUI (System>Upgrade>FPGA Upgrade) or from the OMC (eNB>Upgrade>FPGA Upgrade File>New Task).

Software Download:
RTD: BaiBS_RTD_3.7.11.6
RTS: BaiBS_RTS_3.7.11.6
FPGA: BaiRRU_sRU81xxx_a_DT2K_1.0.4_42555@211222

Related Documents:

All other related documents, including Configuration & Network Administration Guide and SAS User Guide can be found on our documentation website.


Version BaiBS_RTS_3.7.11.6 & BaiBS_RTD_3.7.11.6
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Hard Coded Crypt Credential Vulnerability
- Fixed: After login session timeout, it is still possible to access pages by manually modifying the URL
- Fixed: Downloading log from webGUI may lead to decompress error 
- Fixed: Webpage will not automatically refresh after upgrading to RTD 3.8.5
- Fixed: When disabling "Allow management access over WAN", it is still possible to access the eNB via WAN IP
- Fixed: SNMP settings page incorrectly set the trap server field as mandatory
- Fixed: Overview page does not load properly when NTP is not synced
- Fixed: Abnormal reboot caused by harq linked list is full
- Fixed: eNB does not automatically reboot when import Cell2 config file
- Fixed: FPGA upgrade may fail
- Fixed: Downloading FPGA log will display “500 Internal Server Error”
- Fixed: FPGA upgrade will fail when changing http port
- Fixed: Cannot open Cell2 when web is HTTPS
- Fixed: When clicking “access to cell2”,the URL for Cell2 does not contain the correct HTTP port
- Fixed: Applying changes on DHCP VLAN page does not auto refresh and displays "wait for setting be used"
- Fixed: HTTPS slow loading and slow navigation
- Fixed: HTTPS enabled by default

- Improved: Remove the language dropdown from Login page, can be set after login
- Improved: Import success message will immediately display after uploading config file
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