RTS 3.3.13 - New eNB software has been released!

RTS 3.3.13 for Nova R9 (227, 233, 243) base stations has been released. This version includes many bug fixes and optimizations as well as adding big features like Spectrum Analyzer and UL PRB RSSI Report to add interference troubleshooting tools. This version also merges our non-HaloB and HaloB software branches.

SUPPORTED HARDWARE: Nova 243 (2*10W eNB | BRU3501,3510,3511), Nova 233 (2*1W eNB | mBS1100,1105), Nova 227 (2*250mW eNB | pBS2120).

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiBS_RTS_3.3.13.IMG


Version BaiBS_RTS_3.3.13

New Features:
- Added: Multi-VLAN
- Added: Multi-PLMN
- Added: Spectrum Analyzer
- Added: UL PRB RSSI Detection
- Added: GBR/MBR for Dedicated Bearers

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Abnormal release if IPsec address changes.
- Fixed: Cell cannot become active if GPS loses sync and then resyncs again.
- Fixed: Cell cannot deactivate from OMC command.
- Fixed: eNB reports 11185 alarm when cell is not active.
- Fixed: eNB may core dump if WAN interface is disconnected.
- Fixed: eNB may core dump when 96 UEs are attached.
- Fixed: eNB may core dump after EPC disconnection when UE has one default and one dedicated bearer.
- Fixed: eNB may core dump when changing WAN IP address.
- Fixed: UE abnormal release when setup with QCI 1 and QCI 8.
- Fixed: UE will drop if setup with QCI 3 and QCI 7.
- Fixed: SCTP cannot setup after IPsec recovery.
- Fixed: Cell cannot activate after HaloB is enabled.
- Fixed: WAN interface cannot get an IP address when disconnecting and reconnecting the interface when WAN is set to DHCP mode.
- Fixed: Cell cannot activate when upgrading from old verison of HaloB.
- Fixed: CQI KPI is not reported properly to the OMC.
- Fixed: If RF Status = "Disable", both VSWR1 & VSWR2 will display as "Testing" on Basic Info page.
- Fixed: Configuration reset for Cloud EPC connectivity after upgrade.
- Fixed: HaloB will enable if the eNB has a HaloB license, even if previous configuration had it disabled.
- Fixed: Configuration reset for Cloud EPC connectivity after upgrade.

- Uboot version should be 1.0.18 or higher.

As a reminder, you can find the latest documentation from our website: https://na.baicells.com/documentation/.

Spectrum analyzer guide was added under “eNodeB > eNB GUI” and the full configuration guide can be found under “CloudCore, System & Misc.> Network Administration”.

Where’s the best place to report an issue with this new firmware? It’s just a usability issue.

On the Overview page, it is no longer possible to look at key metrics of the UEs, without having to scroll to the left and the right. For instance, you can’t see the BLER and Throughput at the same time.

On the older version, there was less space between the metrics, so you could see all the numbers together much easier.

Thanks for looking, and please let me know the best place to report issues like this, once the fw has been released as stable.

Normally, support_na@baicells.com.