BaiBS_RTSH_2.2.2 - New eNB software for HaloB function has been released!

BaiBS_RTSH_2.2.2 for Nova R9 base stations has been released. This version adds the HaloB feature along with some additional bug fixes not previously released in B110.

SUPPORTED HARDWARE: Nova 243 (10W eNB), Nova 233 (1W eNB), Nova 227 (250mW eNB).

DISCLAIMER: It is recommended to upgrade to B110SPC009 or newer first before upgrading to this software version. In addition, make sure to have the HaloB license file before upgrading as Cloud EPC connectivity will break after the upgrade. Also note that each license file is tied to a specific eNB serial number.

Software Download:
HaloB User Guide:


Version BaiBS_RTSH_2.2.2

New Features:
- Added: HaloB Centralized Mode.
- Added: License management for HaloB. 

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Traceroute from UE will not show ICMP responses on intermediate hops when eNB is in LGW mode.
- Fixed: Repeated changes to VLAN configuration causes errors. 
- Fixed: Cannot synchronize time through GPS.
- Fixed: No alarm created if SFP module is missing.
- Fixed: NTP server configuration changes may be lost after reboot.
- Fixed: RF Status parameter is missing from quick settings page.
- Fixed: VLAN routes unreachable if both ETH1 and ETH2 are connected and both have gateways assigned.
- Fixed: 1W Gen2 eNB - SFP interface link speed displays as 1000Mbps when SFP interface is configured as WAN, is connected, and then disconnected.              
- Fixed: 10W eNB - Random reboot caused by serial port.
- Fixed: 10W eNB - Throughput will slowly drop over time.
- Fixed: 10W eNB - Power is still transmitting when IPsec and MME are disconnected.    
- Fixed: 10W eNB - Changing reference signal power causes UE performance to drop until a reboot is made.
- Fixed: 10W eNB - OMC can set power level out of range.
- Fixed: 10W eNB - RF switch remains off after S1 disconnect and recovery.
- Fixed: 10W eNB - RF switch reverts back to on after turning RF switch off and rebooting.
- Fixed: 10W eNB - Chance for coredump when adding VLAN.           

- Uboot version should be 1.0.18 or higher.
- Do not upgrade eNB from firmware versions earlier than B100SPC011.
- If upgrading from B100, delete any IMSI bindings before upgrading firmware.