BaiBS_RTSH_2.4.1 - New eNB software for HaloB function has been released!


BaiBS_RTSH_2.4.1 for Nova R9 base stations has been released. This version adds some additional HaloB features and bug fixes. HaloB now supports two modes: Centralized and Standalone. Centralized mode is selected by default and utilizes the cloud OMC+BOSS to dynamically allow the eNB to download the subscriber profiles from the operator’s CloudCore account. Standalone mode is the newly introduced HaloB mode which removes the OMC+BOSS requirement and allows for subscriber profiles to be manually entered into the eNB. Plug-and-play allows operators to configure eNB settings prior to powering on the eNB for the first time. If plug-and-play is enabled in the OMC, then the eNB will automatically download the software version and configuration file as preconfigured for the desired eNB. The LGW data trafic report will be visible in the next cloud OMC+BOSS upgrade.

SUPPORTED HARDWARE: Nova 243 (2*10W eNB | BRU3501,3510,3511), Nova 233 (2*1W eNB | mBS1100,1105), Nova 227 (2*250mW eNB | pBS2120).


a) HaloB Standalone mode will be grayed out as the feature is not ready yet and it requires an additional key to unlock. For those who wish to test this feature, please reach out to your Baicells sales representative to request a HaloB standalone key. This additional license key requirement for standalone mode will be removed in a future software release.
b) HaloB VxLAN mode is for demo purposes only and is not yet commercially ready. This function will be grayed out as well.

DISCLAIMER: It is recommended to upgrade to BaiBS_RTSH_2.2.2 or B110SPC009 or newer first before upgrading to this software version.

Software Download:
HaloB User Guide:


Version BaiBS_RTSH_2.4.1

New Features:
- Added: HaloB Standalone Mode.
- Added: Plug-and-play via OMC.
- Added: LGW data trafic report.     

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: DNS server IP addresses assigned to UE by HaloB will match same DNS configuration as set on the WAN interface of eNB.
- Fixed: Modifying HaloB parameter switch may cause eNB to hang. 
- Fixed: If high volume of UEs attempt to attach at the same time, eNB may crash.
- Fixed: If there are more than 32 UE IMSI bindings in LGW, eNB will coredump on startup with HaloB enabled.
- Fixed: When modifying IMSI service plan multiple times, subscriber profile will be deleted from HaloB database and UE can no longer attach.
- Fixed: eNB will coredump when modifying service plans in BOSS for 96 IMSIs at the same time.
- Fixed: HaloB setup page and license page appear abnormal after upgrading from previous software version.
- Fixed: Cell will become inactive when importing HaloB license from OMC.
- Fixed: Local subscriber database is not cleared when disabling HaloB function.                        

- Uboot version should be 1.0.18 or higher.
- Do not upgrade eNB from firmware versions earlier than B100SPC011.
- If upgrading from B100, delete any IMSI bindings before upgrading firmware.
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