110.10 - New eNB software has been released!

110.10 (B110SPC010) for Nova R9 base stations has been released. This version mainly addresses some S1 re-establishment bugs when using the MME Pool or CloudCore configuration. Please note that this version is for the 250mW and 1W eNB only and does not include the HaloB function.

Software Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiStation_V100R001C00B110SPC010.IMG


Version V100R1C0B110SPC010

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Secondary MME cannot connect if eNB is powered on with DATA interface disconnected and then connected post-startup.
- Fixed: MME2 is disconnected if IP address changes.
- Fixed: Second IPsec tunnel may become lost.
- Fixed: Traceroute from UE will not show ICMP responses on intermediate hops when eNB is in LGW mode.

- Uboot version should be 1.0.18 or higher.
- Do not upgrade eNB from firmware versions earlier than B100SPC008.
- If upgrading from B100, delete any IMSI bindings before upgrading firmware.