eNB B100 Software Upgrade Recommendation

After observing greater stability on base stations running B100SPC008 for nearly a month, we are now recommending operators to upgrade all base stations to the latest B100 eNB software release. Outside of bug fixes and enhanced L1 performance, the new software adds the MME Pool feature which adds EPC redundancy, keeping the eNB active if any single MME server was to go down.

To upgrade to the latest version, you can do so by: (1) Creating an eNB software upgrade task from the OMC or (2) Download the software (link below) and upgrade directly from the eNB web GUI.

There are a couple bugs worth noting in this version:

  1. IPsec and MME Pool configuration may not update properly during the upgrade process. If this happens, the eNB will not enter active state and no CPEs will be able to attach. To resolve this issue, a patch has been created to repair any broken IPsec and MME pool configuration. To apply the patch, download the patch (link below) and navigate to the System->Upgrade page on the eNB. From there, you can select the patch file and click “Upgrade Patch”. A reboot may be required for changes to apply.

  2. If using LGW Router mode, you must set aside a range of IPs within the LGW IP Pool subnet by configuring the Static Address Range. By specifying a specific IP range for static IP subscribers, you are able to add IMSI IP bindings inside this range without requiring a reboot. There is a bug however that can cause subscribers to lose Internet access. There are two requirements to resolve this issue: (1) An IMSI IP binding must match the same IP listed in “First Address” for Static Address Range and (2) There must also be no IP gaps among all IMSI IP bindings. If needed, some fake IMSI IP bindings can be created to fill in the gaps.

Download Links

eNB Software B100SPC008: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiStation_V100R001C00B100SPC008.IMG
eNB Patch for B100SPC008: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiStation_V100R001C00B100SPC008P002.PATCH

Update (5/22/17): A bug was found in the patch file which could cause parameter modifications to fail. Version 2 of the patch which includes the bug fix has been uploaded and the download link above has been updated.

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Very nice

Are the Baicells upgrades stupid proof? IE if you try to apply the wrong update will it brick something or just ignore it.

The first upgrade in the OMC listed the “product type” as eNB. This upgrade lists the “product type” as mbs. I don’t want to kill our system.

Is THIS the correct upgrade? Is there any way to get it wrong?

Little things like this are what confuses operators and creates some frustration for those of us who are new.

Does this upgrade also address the issue with CPEs dropping off? Or are the scheduled reboots still necessary?

The first option that contains “B100SPC008” is the correct version. I just had our programming team make corrections to the Product Type field. Thanks for pointing this out. This version works for both the 1W and 10W eNB.

I believe you are referring to the CPE firmware bug which causes a memory leak after around 15 days which locks up the CPE. This fix will have to come via a CPE firmware upgrade.