100.11 - New eNB software has been released!

100.11 (B100SPC011) for Nova R9 base stations has been released. This release mainly contains bug fixes and improved stability. Starting with this software version, the version number will be truncated by removing the letters.

Notice: This is an upgrade for the B100 software family, not B110, and as such, does not include the 96 user feature.

Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BaiStation_V1.


Version V1.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: eNB will coredump and reboot if eNodeB process does not send heartbeat to watchdog.
- Fixed: Memory leak issue causes eNB to reboot.
- Fixed: UE fails to properly release due to memory issue.
- Fixed: Maximum downlink throughput dropped to 50Mbps.
- Fixed: Can't select 3600MHz as a center channel.
- Fixed: UE cannot attach due to MSG3 CRC error after S1 is broken.
- Fixed: Error printing SCTP log.
- Fixed: S1 setup failure after disabling and then re-enabling IPsec configuration.
- Fixed: Connection issue to MME2 server due to lost route.
- Fixed: If eNB is disconnected from network after startup but network connection is later restored, connection to MME server will fail.

- Improved: Separate IPsec log from syslog.
- Improved: Print additional debug info for monitoring memory usage.
- Improved: Reboot log displays package source and firmware version of before and after software upgrades.
- Improved: When MME Pool is enabled, specific S1 identities are specified in alarms and status .

We assume again that this one is for the 1W enodeb as well as the 10Watt ones?