CPEs with Good Parameters already attached to the eNB but performing badly

So i have a couple of ODU radios connected to the eNB with good and almost excellent parameters, but they are doing very poorly and anytime you reboot the eNB they start performing better with good throughput. after a while they revert back. so what can be the cause of this, because you have to reboot the eNB every time for this. is it the eNb Maxing out connections because the eNB can take up to 256 SM’s

How many UE on the EnB ?
Out of experience > ~20 UE and some 50% PRB Usage the Baicells EnB’s start behaving badly, loosing packets. Worse on smaller bandwidth like 5MHz/10MHz. Even worse on EnB Antennas close to each others on the same Tower. Got used to it and not using Baicells anymore in dense Environments.