How to reboot multiple UE's all at once?


I’m curious to hear if there is a way to reboot multiple UE’s at once?

I am changing from 10Mhz channels to 20Mhz and when I do that and reboot the eNB, the UE’s dont connect back to the basestation without a reboot.

While the UE’s are disconnected if I switch the eNB back to 10Mhz and reboot, the UE’s will reconnect to the basestation.

Please let me know what I can do, please.



Hey Casey, right now it’s not possible to reboot multiple UE’s at once, but @sonny.may is talking to the programming team about it.

Otherwise you can try using the PCI lock method to get the UE’s that aren’t reconnecting to connect again. This works by using the CPEs’ attach timer value of 30~60 seconds, and after repeated connection failures, the CPE will blacklist the eNB and will not attempt to reconnect until the CPE is rebooted. The PCI lock will white list the eNB and solve the disconnect issue.

To do the PCI lock method, please follow the steps below:

  1. From the CPE web GUI( , go to Network -> Scan Mode.
  2. Click the Scan Mode dropdown and select PCI Lock.
  3. Click Add List button.
  4. Enter in values for EARFCN and PCI. Reference these values from the base station web GUI under Quick Settings.
  5. Reboot the CPE.


PCI lock is already enabled on all of the UE’s and they still don’t reconnect without reboot.
So, if my ENB is whitelisted already I wonder why they don’t reconnect after making those setting changes.


It doesn’t work.