Remove EARFCN requirement on PCI lock


Currently PCI lock requires you to set the EARFCN as well as the PCI value. I have had to recently change the frequency on the eNBs to correct some interference issues. Since PCI lock is a frequency lock as well, this required reconfiguring all UEs as well. If PCI lock was just specific to PCI and not EARFCN, any change to the EARFCN on the eNB would not prevent UEs from re-associating.

Also, I have notice that changing the UE from PCI lock to Full Band in the Cloudcore console does not always take effect or only lasts till the UE reboots. The units associated after the frequency change but once the seven day reboot took place they were PCI locked again. Upon logging into the UE locally, we found it was back at the previous PCI lock values even though the Cloudcore showed the unit was set for full band


Please consider this. We have to use PCI lock to prevent unwanted roaming. We can not make a channel change with PCI lock the way it is currently. Remove EARFCN.


I tried to make this case before and got the following response. Can’t say I agree but can see in a very large/dense network where the PCI would be reused. I suppose making the EARFCN optional would suit all scenarios

“According to a general rule, PCI lock should be considered under the premise of a known EFRFCN. Otherwise, if there are cells with different EARFCN have same PCIs in a network, PCI lock without EARFCN lock will make it confusing and failed.”



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