Frequency lock bug

Apparently if a unit is PCI locked through Cloudcore and later set back to Full band it will revert to PCI locked on reboot. I was able to verify this by PCI locking the UE from Cloudcore and confirming the settings through the UE’s web interface. I unlocked the UE through Cloudcore and verified the settings showed Full band in the UE’s web interface. Once the UE rebooted it was set to PCI lock again. Perhaps this is a bug in the UE firmware? It seems the settings from the Cloudcore do not get committed to the startup configuration of the UE.

UEs are running software version BCE-ODU-1.0.3

I had the exact same thing happen as you described to a bunch of my UE. It was extra frustrating because we were adjusting our PCI values.

This value is definitely not being cleared somewhere and is being read back in when the UE reboots. We ended up fighting this for a week as UE’s rebooted and picked up the old PCI lock info. For us, the UE would go offline because the old PCI lock info was incorrect and we would have to do a truck roll to each.