BCE-IDU-1.2.5-R4 - New indoor CPE firmware has been released!

BCE-IDU-1.2.5-R4 for Atom R9 Indoor (5 dBi) CPEs has been released.

To upgrade UE firmware to BCE-IDU-1.2.5-R4 from Web GUI:

  1. Log into CPE with username/password.
  2. Go to System->Version Manager page.
  3. Click on “Choose File” and select the new firmware.
  4. Click Submit.

Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BCE-IDU-1.2.5-R4.bin

Notice: There is a known bug in this version where if Scan Mode was set to “Band/Frequency Preferred” prior to the upgrade then Scan Mode will be reset to “FullBand” after the upgrade. This is also a bug in the OMC currently where the indoor CPE will show as offline after a period of time. Once this bug is fixed, this firmware will be available to upgrade to within the Cloud OMC.


New Features:
- Added: New web GUI
- Added: PCI lock function
- Added: Update TR069 parameters to include: MCS, SINR, APN, and PCI Lock
- Added: TR069 is disabled by default when factory settings are reset
- Added: "Allow HTTPs Login from WAN" parameter is enabled by default when factory settings are reset

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Cannot resolve DNS after DHCP server is disabled