BCE-ODU-1.0.8 - New outdoor CPE firmware has been released!


BCE-ODU-1.0.8 for Atom R9 Outdoor (11/19.5 dBi) CPEs has been released.

To upgrade UE firmware to BCE-ODU-1.0.8 from Web GUI:

  1. Log into CPE with username/password.
  2. Go to System->Version Manager page.
  3. Click on “Choose File” and select the new firmware.
  4. Click Submit.

To upgrade UE firmware from the OMC:

  1. Navigate to the CPE->Strategy->Upgrade page.
  2. Click the Add button in the Upgrade Task pane.
  3. Schedule the upgrade by following the steps in the New Upgrade Task window.

Download: https://na.baicells.com/download/BCE-ODU-1.0.8-20170607.tgz

Notice: This firmware version will work for all B42/43 Outdoor Atom R9 CPEs. However, some B41 Outdoor Atom R9 CPEs have a newer chipset which is not supported by this version. This firmware version only supports model MTxxxx, not MHxxxx. Model name can be found on the Overview page of the CPE web GUI.


Version BCE-ODU-1.0.8
New Features:
- Added: Added new TR069 parameters: CloudKey and NickName
- Added: SIM detect feature which will reboot CPE if USIM is "Not Ready" (System -> Simcard Checking)
- Added: UCID watchdog process
- Added: Ping watchdog (System -> Ping Watchdog)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Dedicated EPS bearer setup bug
- Fixed: Poor throughput when using L2TP VPN
- Fixed: TR069 bug which may provide empty strings for the SN, OUI, and Manufacturer parameters
- Fixed: Default route bug which may create two defaults routes in NAT mode
- Fixed: TR069 bug which will not permanently save parameter changes made via TR069/OMC

- Improved: Modify ARP aging timer in WAN bridge mode
- Improved: Changed MTU size from 1428 to 1500
- Improved: Reboots after 7 days only during early hours (random time between 2:00am ~ 4:00am)

CPE model EG7035 Firmware

Cant download, seems the (selfsigned) ssl cert has expired at Baicells!!


Thanks for pointing this out. The SSL cert has been renewed with automatic recurring.


Can you guys fix the iperf bug? Would be nice if UL and DL worked on Atom R9 units.


It is not a bug with iperf or the CPE. The issue is related to iperf2 not supporting NAT. There are discussions on implementing iperf3 which can support NAT by using reverse mode (-R).


Is there or could there be in the future a better way to check the model for compatibility? Perhaps from the OMC?

As we deploy more and more of these units the less feasible it becomes to check each individual CPE for its model type.

Thank you.


Yes, we will display the model name as a field in CPE monitor in the next OMC update.


If we’re running LGW-routed mode, should iPerf work? We’ve never gotten iPerf to work on any CPE in any configuration.


Jim, Get with support at support_na@baicells.com. Sonny should have iPerf directions. I believe we are using iPerf 2 or 3.