New CPE/UE Firmware BCE-ODU_1.0.12


BCE-ODU-1.0.12 for Atom R9 Outdoor (11/19.5 dBi) CPEs has been released.

To upgrade UE firmware to BCE-ODU-1.0.12 from Web GUI:

Log into CPE with username/password.
Go to System->Version Manager page.
Click on “Choose File” and select the new firmware.
Click Submit.
To upgrade UE firmware from the OMC:

Navigate to the CPE->Strategy->Upgrade page.
Click the Add button in the Upgrade Task pane.
Schedule the upgrade by following the steps in the New Upgrade Task window.

Change log:

  • Fixed - Device will get camped on eNB even after eNB goes offline not allowing a reattach. (Cannot come back to home PLMN Cell when camped on PLMN cell)
  • Fixed - DNS’ query cannot be resolved when disable DHCP server
  • Add - Change product class name rule in node of tr069
  • Add - ping watchdog’s node in TR069
  • Update - New GUI

Notice: This firmware version will work for all B42/43 Outdoor Atom R9 CPEs. However, some B41 Outdoor Atom R9 CPEs have a newer chipset which is not supported by this version. This firmware version only supports model MTxxxx, not MHxxxx. Model name can be found on the Overview page of the CPE web GUI.


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