Latest firmware for Atom R9


I tried finding the latest firmware file for Atom R9 in the site and the community but I couldn’t find it. Can I have the latest version please?

Product Name

Product Model

Hardware Version

UBOOT Version

Serial Number

Thank you in advanced.

Thank you @rick.harnish . It says it’s for the outdoor device. Can I use it for the indoor device too?

No, it will not work on the indoor UEs at this time.


@rick.harnish so where can I find the latest firmware for the indoor device?

@rick.harnish I’m still waiting for the firmware file. Why isn’t the firmware available on the site like all other companies?

There are no recent firmware upgrades for the Indoor UE yet.

hello ali,
do you find the firmware for indoor cpe?
please tell me on telegram @tjoker
thank you


Please email for the latest version of IDU firmware.

Anyone else having to drive around rebooting radios constantly? Any new stable firmware coming out soon? We’re using the BCE-ODU-1.0.3 on all the clients.

What eNB firmware version are you using?

Yes, I had the same issue. I had to reset the radio at least 2 times a day and I know many other users who’re having the same issue. After trying different versions of firmware, getting help with ISP support and doing an extensive search on google and forums, I did not find any solution and at last, I switched to an ISP who’s not using baicells products. My previous ISP also switched to another company for their new recent CPE but I was already done with them and their decisions.

And its just ridiculous that you can’t find a firmware in the producer’s website. You have to come to their forum and ask fo the firmware, then someone comes and says there’s no firmware, then a month later he comes again and says email us to get the firmware! I did get it and install it but it did not fix the issue.

Are you an ISP or a customer of an ISP? Without more details, we have a hard time helping. It could be your installation RF signals were below the criteria needed for a stable connection. It could be the base station firmware. You sound like a customer of an ISP.