BaiTip of the Day - January 19th, 2017 - Upgrading UE Firmware

BaiTip of the Day – Upgrading UE Firmware

It’s a busy and exciting time for Baicells Customers and the staff. Today, the first of several major firmware upgrades has been released. This firmware (BCE-ODU-1.0.1) is ready and has been tested thoroughly. It is important that all Outdoor UEs (11 and 19 dBi) be upgraded soon. With major enhancements in the Nova eNodeB firmware and the EPC/OMC software, we want our customers to get full advantage of these improvements. Some of which, won’t be fully functional on older UE firmware.

Operators can download the firmware at More information about the release is available here:

One important feature to note: Many operators may not be aware of, is the ability to turn on a UEs remote https web login from the BaiOMC. To do this, follow the instructions below

  1. Login to the BaiOMC account.
  2. Go to CPE/Monitor
  3. Right Click on a UE
  4. Select Settings
  5. Click on the Remote Web Tab
  6. Enable Https Login

Once you have access to the UE WebGui, you can proceed to upgrade the firmware. We will also schedule batch upgrades remotely upon request. Please allow up to 48 hours for this to be completed. Email if interested.