CPE model EG7035 Firmware


Hello. My name is Marco Magnanelli.
We are a Wireless ISP in Patagonia Argentina and this is our first test to Baicells
We have just adquire a Nova R9 Starter Kit. I think this is the first Baicells device in Argentina!.

We need to know if the CPE have the last Firmware Installed and if not get the last firmware version to upgrade the 3 CPE.
In the Version Manager section of the CPE is this data.
Model Name MT422e
Software Version MT-22151-1.2.2-R5-Standard
Tanks in advance.

Excuseme if my english is not clear, i speak spanish.
Marco Magnanelli


I noticed that the firmware that comes shipped already installed in the product (MT-22151-1.2.2.R5-Standard) looks to be a newer version than what is listed in CloudCore (1.0.8). Should we keep the firmware that comes in it or do we “upgrade” to the version in CloudCore, or is there a newer one than the pre-installed version?


The latest firmware you are looking for is here: BCE-ODU-1.0.8 - New outdoor CPE firmware has been released!