Lte Outdoor CPE CW0100

i have a Lte Outdoor CPE CW0100 . i need to firmware this model .None of the Atom Outdoor CPE versions worked.
I sent a message to the company, but did not leave the firmware.
thank you …

Please share the model name. This can be found on the Overview page of the CPE web GUI.

this is a But the operator of our country has changed the name of this device (ZW101) AND The original name of the device is Lte Outdoor CPE CW0100

In the past, this versionMT-23425-1.2.3-R7-BaiCells-20160924
worked but now it does not work And when it installs an error…
Take note of the picture:

please guide me …

This is not a Baicells CPE so I can not offer much help on the firmware upgrades. From what I can see in your screenshot however, the software version starts with MH, which likely means you need to find firmware which also starts with MH and not MT.