Upgrade all eNodeBs as soon as possible

Baicells is retiring our original CloudCore MME environment on July 1st, 2020. We are replacing it with a new CloudCore MME environment. What does this mean to our customers? It means you should take the following steps to upgrade your equipment firmware, so all equipment will transition to the new MME. We will be retiring the original Baicells PLMN and are replacing it with our new PLMN 314030. Our original PLMN code was five digits and we are moving to a more standard North America six digit code.

  1. All Band 41/42/43/48 Baicells CAT6 UEs (EG7010C-M11, EG7010A-M11, or EG2013B-M11) should be checked to make sure that roaming is enabled. Depending on the firmware version installed at the factory, roaming may have been disabled by default. Some more recent versions enable roaming by default, but nevertheless, all should be checked before upgrading the eNodeBs.

    roaming setting

  2. All Baicells CAT4 UEs already have roaming enabled by default, so no action is required. All third party UEs should be checked to insure roaming is enabled.

  3. Upgrade all eNodeBs to the following firmware versions:
    a. BaiBS_RTS_3.4.8.6 (Nova 227 - pBS2120, pBS11004; Nova R9 - mBS1100; Nova 233 - mBS1105; Nova 243 – BRU 3501, BRU3510, BRU3511)
    b. BaiBS_QRTB_2.0.7 (Nova 436Q - mBS31001)
    c. LTE-U Spectra

We will be tracking upgrade process over the next few months to insure all equipment is transitioned before the old MME environment is retired. Please report any issues to support_na@baicells.com.

Hi Rick,
We still have a RTD on the field. What version of firmware should we use ?