ANNOUNCEMENT: Retiring the original PLMN number

We are currently running two separate CloudCore EPC environments and will be shutting down the original one on July 1, 2020. We will be retiring the original CloudCore PLMN and are replacing it with our new PLMN 314030. Our original PLMN code was five digits and we are moving to a more standard North America six digit code. What does this mean to you, the operators?

We are outlining the steps below. All systems on Baicells side are ready for this transition. We ask for your cooperation as we seek to meet our July 1st deadline. Those devices not upgraded to the most recent firmware as of this date run the risk of going offline. We hope to prevent repetitive requests and reaching out by phone to operators who have not upgraded. Please schedule your upgrades soon. Proceed with the following steps in order. Work with support if you have additional questions.

  1. For Band 41/42/43/48 Baicells Cat6 and third-party CPEs, the roaming parameter needs to be checked and set to enable. Currently, the Cat6 firmware does NOT set roaming on by default.

  2. roaming setting

  3. For all Baicells Cat4 CPEs, no action is required. Roaming is already enabled by default and cannot be changed.

  4. Upgrade eNBs to the most recent firmware versions These versions automatically update all settings in the eNodeBs to work on the new PLMN EPC environment.

Nova 227/233/243 software (RTS
Nova 436Q software (QRTB 2.0.7)
LTE-U software (191121T01)