OMC and BOSS Upgrade Announcement - December 14, 2017 @ 12:00am Pacific


The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded this Thursday at midnight PST. The main highlights for this update is operator roaming and batch PCI changes with automatic PCI lock adjustments. Starting with this update, global operator roaming will be disabled while roaming between CloudCore operators must be manually configured. Downtime is expected to last 4 hours.


OMC Version 3.2.2 & BOSS Version 3.3.0
New Features:
- Added: OMC: eNB monitor page - "Information" subpage is revamped to include statistics, performance, alarms, and logs.
- Added: OMC: eNB monitor page - "Display" subpage supports column sorting.
- Added: OMC: Device log page - Batch export and delete is now supported.
- Added: OMC: eNB strategy page added (Frequency&PCI) to support batch eNB PCI changing and automatic PCI lock modifications to binded CPEs.
- Added: OMC: Importing SIMs in BOSS automatically adds CPEs to the OMC operator account when CPE comes online.
- Added: BOSS: Operator roaming solution with configuration on System->Roaming Config page.
- Added: BOSS: Support batch subscriber activations.
- Added: BOSS: Data rates for services plans can now be entered in increments of 0.001.
- Added: BOSS: Support deleting subscribers through the BOSS API.