Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - December 1, 2021 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded on December 1st at midnight PT (Pacific Time).

Downtime is expected to last 10 minutes and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.


OMC Version 7.2.6 & BOSS Version 7.2.6
New Features:
- Added: CloudCore: Automatically blacklist IP addresses after frequent login failures
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Support 10MHz increments for all grant requests
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Support SAS on Nova 430 and Nova 430i
- Added: OMC: Plug-and-Play support for eNB and CPE
- Added: OMC: Reset QRTB password
- Added: OMC: Import CPE configuration file and bulk configuration for CPE
- Added: OMC: Clickable LGW IP on CPE monitor page
- Added: OMC: Enable to modify Snaprouter SSID
- Added: OMC: Support MOCN multiple PLMN functions
- Added: OMC: Support additional KPIs for 436Q

- Improved: BOSS: Simplified the "Service Plan" page
- Improved: BOSS: Add the IMSI-based query filter for Subscription
- Improved: BOSS: Improve permission validation
- Improved: BOSS: UI Optimization
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] CAT A CBSD does not require CPI Signature data
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Improved heart beat Error Logging for SAS
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Enable grant relinquish function for offline CBSDs
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add "Contiguous" checkbox in Preferred Setting
- Improved: OMC: Retry firmware upgrades if the upgrade fails the first time
- Improved: OMC: Display the connected CPE IMSI
- Improved: OMC: Support multi-level group as well as multi-level KPI grouping
- Improved: OMC: Support A5 measurement threshold configuration of the same frequency
- Improved: OMC: Enable to turn on/off RF in SC and DC modes

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: CloudCore: Registration failure due to long operator name
- Fixed: BOSS: "Delete" API call error
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Broken logic when enabling contiguous CA and adding a preferred frequency channel
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Contiguous CA supports 15, 10, and 5MHz channels
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Hide Scell setting in Preferred Frequency when CBSD is in DC mode & Channel Reuse is enabled
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] CBSD and SAS log export is not consistent with UI output
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Cell1 and Cell2 are getting the same frequency even when Channel Reuse is set to Disabled
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] eNB RF flapping caused by failed SAS heartbeat request due to temporary authorization
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Unable to store heartbeat at the back-end while DP was doing re-registration, registration and specutrum request exceptionally
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] DP would de-register the CBSD while making changes in the preferred setting
- Fixed: OMC: Slowly alarm processing
- Fixed: OMC: Abnormal status displaying caused by timing synchronization issue
- Fixed: OMC: LST CELL MML command not working with QRTB-DC eNBs