Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - March 1, 2022 @ 12am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded on March 1st at midnight PT (Pacific Time).

Downtime is expected to last 10 minutes and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.


OMC Version 7.3 & BOSS Version 7.3

New Features:
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Support CBRS Release 2 group types
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Combine real and virtual CBSDs into one page
- Added: OMC: [SAS] CPI cert only needs to be uploaded once per login session
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Support channel recommendations provided by SAS when CBSD is grant suspended
- Added: OMC: Support TR143 for CPE
- Added: OMC: Support gNB(5G) management
- Added: OMC: Support eGW management
- Added: OMC: UI improvement in eNB (436Q) setting page
- Added: OMC: Support dual VIPs for Active-Standby system
- Added: OMC: Support eNB license expiration alarm
- Added: CloudCore: Manage OMC/BOSS user group and role
- Added: BOSS: Operator admin user is able to export sim card data (IMSI, KI, OPC)
- Added: OMC: Support automatic TAC configuration in Self-Start

- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Display both of Pcell and Scell SAS status in Procedure page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] UI improvements in CBSD log page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] SAS User ID added to global SAS settings
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Automatically populate FCCID in installParam Page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Export CBSD install parameters for importing to local OMC
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Enable to mass upload CBSD parameter for real CBSDs
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Put userID as prefix for CBSD group name
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add Channel Type column in SAS page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Remove "Link Condition" from CPE CBSD registration page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Sort CPE CBSD by PCI or cell name
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add button to auto-populate lat/long/height from GPS on installParam page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Support SAS for pBS31020
- Improved: OMC: Add filter for alarm source in alarm template page
- Improved: OMC: Support cell activation and deactivation (Nova 846)
- Improved: OMC: Support RF alarms (Nova 846)
- Improved: OMC: Support changing log level on MML page (Nova 846)
- Improved: OMC: Support changing max allowed UEs on MML page (Nova 846)
- Improved: OMC: Add ability to configure WiFi and LAN port (enable/disable) on CPEs
- Improved: OMC: Support exporting CPE log file
- Improved: OMC: Add WAN uptime on CPE monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Only display product models belonged to operator in CPE upgrade task page  
- Improved: OMC: Add PCI into advance query
- Improved: OMC: Configure MTU setting on Nova 436Q/430
- Improved: OMC: Add RSI value in eNB monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Add missing cell info parameters in eNB monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Support mass upgrade task with importing SN list
- Improved: OMC: Enable to switch carrier types (SC, DC, CA) in eNB setting page
- Improved: OMC: Support NL configuration for pBS31010, pBS3101S, pBS3101SE
- Improved: OMC: Add throughput, PRB%, BLER in eNB monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Enhance KPI data
- Improved: OMC: Display frequency next to EARFCN in eNB/CPE information page
- Improved: OMC: UI improvements of task list in CPE upgrade page
- Improved: BOSS: UI improvements in subscriber and service plan page

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Print grant relinquish and deregistration event in CBSD log when SAS is disabled
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] CPI state shows "set" instead of "signed" though CBSD is authorized
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] 436Q is not able to go active in DC mode if Scell is not registered
- Fixed: OMC: Synchonization failure on the eNB with BaiBS_QRTB_2.5.4
- Fixed: OMC: Display failure when changing password in CPE maintainance page, but it shows successs in operation log
- Fixed: BOSS: Cannot reactivate a discarded sim card