Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - August 23, 2023 @ 12am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded on August 23d at midnight PT (Pacific Time).

Downtime is expected to last 2 hours and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.


OMC Version 10.1.3 & BOSS Version 10.0.5
 New Features:
- Added: OMC: New web GUI with new UI layout, color scheme, and branding, improved on Mobile
- Added: OMC: Automatically detect/display/filter parameter differences in the Maintenance/Configuration page
- Added: OMC: Support LST command in MML script
- Added: OMC: Add parameters changes in OMC/log
- Added: OMC: Synchronize alarms after eNB reboot 
- Added: OMC: Support page tabs to allow for quick switching
- Added: OMC: Add cell scan function for BaiBLQ firmware
- Added: OMC: Support BaiBL products in Setting, MML, Alarm, KPI, Plug and Play functions
- Added: OMC: Remote syslog (local OMC)
- Added: OMC: Configure and update TR069 SSL certificate for eNB

- Improved: OMC: Display clear confirmation on Alarm/View page
- Improved: OMC: Display KPI view results per day
- Improved: OMC: Support upgrade task for offline device
- Improved: OMC: Synchronize alarms after eNB rebooting
- Improved: OMC: Improve the setting page for eNB/CPE
- Improved: OMC: Sort logs by last period of time
- Improved: OMC: Support WAN/LAN settings, IPsec for 5G base station
- Improved: OMC: Aurora243 will display number of users on the monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Reboot one-time for eNB SAS registration in DC/TC mode
- Improved: OMC: Not allow to configure duplicated frequency in TC mode for Nova 846
- Improved: OMC: Enhance login user security
- Improved: OMC: Add eNB name, ID and cell ID in KPI view page
- Improved: OMC: Support SSB frequency modification
- Improved: OMC: Add the load balance switch in MML for Nova452
- Improved: OMC: Allow to disable SAS on CBSD when it is offline from the OMC
- Improved: OMC: Add password reset for Nova846
- Improved: OMC: Support HaloD management for Nova452
- Improved: OMC: Add more KPI counters for BaiBL
- Improved: OMC: Add UL/DL BLER KPI for Nova 452
- Improved: OMC: Add average interference noise value of all PRBS in cell

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: OMC: Wrong DL/UL BLER KPI formula
- Fixed: OMC: False logic in clearing eNB log
- Fixed: OMC: Empty eNB Scell IP or RTD eNB log 
- Fixed: OMC: Not display alarms for offline CPE
- Fixed: OMC: CPE registration template is empty while exporting in monitor page
- Fixed: OMC: CPE product name was not displayed in the monitor page
- Fixed: OMC: Measurement Report (MR) File was not downloaded though MR task successed
- Fixed: OMC: Default APN AMBR was wrongly delivered if IMSI is not synchonized to APN in HaloB centralized mode
- Fixed: OMC: Unable to clear message notification in messsage center
- Fixed: OMC: Failed to batch reboot CPEs
- Fixed: OMC: gNB IPsec connection would be broken if change its name to Chinese
- Fixed: OMC: CBSD frequency, bandwidth, power, band and RF switch still can be changed if SAS is enable
- Fixed: OMC: Unable to set IPv6 address
- Fixed: OMC: Failed to import parameters directly in batch configuration
- Fixed: OMC: eNB Cell2 KPI shows empty in DC mode
- Fixed: OMC: Re-register CBSD when it is authorized
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