Cloud OMC & BOSS Upgrade Announcement - April 8, 2021 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded April 8th at midnight pacific time.

Downtime is expected to last 10 minutes and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.


OMC Version 7.0.4 & BOSS Version 7.0.4
New Features:
- Added: OMC: Support Gamma and Pulsar product line
- Added: OMC: Support Cat 15 CPE EUD software
- Added: OMC: Support HaloB on NB-IoT eNB
- Added: OMC: CPE disconnection alarm
- Added: OMC: eNB IP address is a clickable URL
- Added: OMC: CPE Ping Watchdog configuration
- Added: OMC: CPE DMZ configuration
- Added: OMC: CPE access log (IP history)
- Added: OMC: Export historical performance data on CPE Information page
- Added: OMC: Add Cold Reboot option for RTS eNB on MML page
- Added: OMC: Add GPS Sync Source option on MML page
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Export to Google SAS option added to CBSD export function
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Alarm for when SAS DP certificate is nearing expiration
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Display CBSD stats (enabled, granted, authorized) on SAS page
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Switch to enable/disable display of heartbeats in SAS log
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Add "Force RF Disable" for RTS when it is SAS Enabled.
- Added: BOSS: Subscriber page has been split into two sections     - Customer and Subscription

- Improved: OMC: Allow filtering by cell name on the CPE upgrade task page
- Improved: OMC: Allow type-searching within Product Model dropdown on CPE upgrade task page
- Improved: OMC: Update description/cause of device upgrade failures
- Improved: OMC: Enhance UI layout of eNB and CPE information page
- Improved: OMC: Enhance UI design of advanced query search on eNB/CPE monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Enable permanent saving of column settings on eNB/CPE monitor page
- Improved: OMC: Display module version on CPE monitoring page
- Improved: OMC: Left navigation panel is collapsed by default
- Improved: OMC: Merge eNB active/online stats to one chart on dashboard page
- Improved: OMC: Merge CPE count/online stats to one chart on dashboard page
- Improved: OMC: Display all historical alarms in eNB information page
- Improved: OMC: Display Scell parameter values in eNB information page
- Improved: OMC: 436Q in DC mode will only count as 1 device towards license count
- Improved: OMC: Optimize export format from MML page
- Improved: OMC: Alarm notifications will summarize all open issues
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] CBSD<-->DP event messages are printed in the SAS main log
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Cell Name and LGW IP/MAC is displayed on SAS Install Params page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Change time zone to UTC for both CBSD and main SAS log
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Exporting SAS main log is restricted to a date range of 7 days
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Merge SAS "Procedure" page into "Install Params" page
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Change all preferred parameter fields to use dropdown type
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Allow CBSD sorting by State, CPI state
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add Cell or CPE name to in SAS alarms
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add additional events to SAS and CBSD log
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Allow opening of CBSD settings page when the equipment is offline
- Improved: BOSS: Batch send past due invoices as a statement for CloudCore billing
- Improved: BOSS: Determine tax rate by shipping address for CloudCore billing
- Improved: BOSS: Automatically redirect users to billing page if address info is missing
- Improved: BOSS: Increase number of APNs allowed to import to 2000
- Improved: BOSS: Update language of invoice-statement email

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: OMC: Indoor CPE may incorrectly display as ODU on CPE monitor page
- Fixed: OMC: Changes to CPE signal strength display settings are not applying
- Fixed: OMC: Filtering by Product Model on CPE upgrade task page will display "No Data"
- Fixed: OMC: Cannot change acBarringForSpecialAc parameter in MML on eNB running QAFB 1.13.0
- Fixed: OMC: Upgrade fails when software file name contains special characters
- Fixed: OMC: One-click PCI lock is not working on Cat15 CPE
- Fixed: OMC: Remove referenceSignalPower parameter on MML page when unsupported by eNB
- Fixed: OMC: Remove Subframe assignment 0 option for 436Q
- Fixed: OMC: CPE may display Scan Mode as "unknown" when PCI-only lock is configured
- Fixed: OMC: Number of eNBs displayed on the KPI measurement customization page is inaccurate
- Fixed: OMC: Model name field of QAFA and QAFB eNBs are not displayed on eNB Monitor page
- Fixed: OMC: CPE connected metric was incorrectly counting offline CPEs
- Fixed: OMC: Exception error was displaying when deleting eNB from eNb > Device page
- Fixed: OMC: Standard users cannot export from eNB monitor page
- Fixed: OMC: Changes to service plans in BOSS do not sync with HaloB eNBs
- Fixed: OMC: MML list may not be visible to some users
- Fixed: OMC: Update time in history alarm details may be empty
- Fixed: OMC: Device group name and list are not visible when manually registering devices
- Fixed: OMC: DL MCS value is missing in CPE Monitor export
- Fixed: OMC: PCI icon is displayed wrong and PCI value is missing on PCI lock page
- Fixed: OMC: OMC loading issue when using Firefox browser
- Fixed: OMC: CLEAR_IMSI command on MML page fails to execute for RTD, RTS, QAFA eNB
- Fixed: OMC: Permission issue for standard user to clear IMSI for QRTB eNB
- Fixed: OMC: Unexpected error may happen when using MML command for QAFB eNB
- Fixed: OMC: CPE upgrade hints message incorrectly regards IDU as ODU CPE
- Fixed: OMC: EARFCN on CPE monitor page does not match frequency on eNB monitor page
- Fixed: OMC: eNB upgrade result shows failed but was actually successful
- Fixed: OMC: No validation check for MOD 1588_SYNC on MML page
- Fixed: OMC: Report error when changing scheduler to PFS for RTS/RTD eNB on MML page
- Fixed: OMC: RADIO_OPEN CELL and RADIO_CLOSE CELL are not available for QRTB-DC on MML page
- Fixed: OMC: PCI and Cell ID remain unchanged on eNB monitor page after 436Q switches from DC to SC mode
- Fixed: OMC: IDU CPE incorrectly shows Scan Mode as band 42 when full band is being used
- Fixed: OMC: eNB alarms are not properly clearing
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] DP keeps re-sending grant request after receiving 501 responseCode from Federated Wireless
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] OMC does not automatically open radio for CBSD when it comes back online
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Scell may not successfully register with SAS
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] DP does not successfully send new grant request when Scell receives 401 responseCode
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] eNB TX power does not automatically recalculate when changing antenna gain
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Sync failure of Scell SAS install parameters
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] DP did not do auto-relinquish registration when receiving 502 UNSYNC_OP_PARAM error
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] DP may send wrong channel bandwidth
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Scell of 436Q in DC mode does not automatically register with SAS
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Antenna gain of Scell is not properly saved for 436Q in DC mode
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Automatically deregister CBSD when receiving responseCode 103 with cause “CBSD spoofing attempt thwarted”
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Certain CPE SAS error codes were not displaying in CBSD log
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Exporting CPE CBSD info incorrectly shows CPI State=missing
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] SAS alarms are still generated even when SAS is disabled
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] Transmit expire time is not displaying correctly
- Fixed: CLOUDCORE: City field does not support special characters
- Fixed: BOSS: Standard user cannot import IMSIs with activation code

And now @ 8AM nothing works. Unable to access any radios. Just a map comes up. We have a 436 deployment today and am trying to enroll. You guys really need to test things first thoroughly before releasing. This happens way to often.

Why is the status page showing green when users on your official facebook page and here are saying they are broken since the upgrade this morning?

Permission issue with the OMC side menu not working has been resolved. Please check again.

That fixed the issue…thanks.