Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - May 18, 2022 @ 12am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded on May 18th at midnight PT (Pacific Time).

Downtime is expected to last 10 minutes and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.


OMC Version 8.0.6 & BOSS Version 8.0.6
New Features:
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Asymmetric Channel Bandwidth Combinations in Contiguous/Non-contiguous CA Mode(20+15,20+10)
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Support automatic download of CBSD Certificate (Cat6/15 CPE)
- Added: OMC: [SAS] Support for SI response which contains 5MHz channel sizes
- Added: OMC: Support for automatic update of IPsec CA certificate (QAFA eNB)
- Added: OMC: When an OMC license expires, will be redirected to license page (local OMC only)
- Added: OMC: Support Nova 846
- Added: OMC: Support software rollback for gNB
- Added: BOSS: List subscription action change details (i.e. speed change, deactivate) 

- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add additional error checking for Single-step Installation Parameters
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add confirmation popup to notify the user that saving changes will change the registration method
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] DP will prioritize channels from top of SpectrumInquiryResponse
- Improved: OMC: [SAS] Add 4x preferred power option on Install Param page (Nova 846)
- Improved: OMC: Add the fault reason when collect log task fails
- Improved: OMC: TR143 server URL can be saved in a default list 
- Improved: OMC: Rename "LTE uptime" to "WAN uptime" under the CPE monitor page
- Improved: OMC: In the access control function list, status of eNB and ECI is displayed in two columns per page (eGW)
- Improved: OMC: Move eGW Access Control page to Advance>AccessControl (eGW)
- Improved: OMC: Add WAN Link speed on monitor page (hidden by default) 
- Improved: OMC: Add the alarm number on top of eNB-Monitor Information page
- Improved: OMC: Limit the Maximum number of devices to be upgraded at the same time (default value is 20)
- Improved: BOSS: Optimized SIM card Import page
- Improved: BOSS: Optimized Billing Invoice page
- Improved: BOSS: Overdue notification
- Improved: BOSS: Optimized Cloudcore password change page

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: OMC: [SAS] SAS CPI information is lost upon saving (QRTB eNB)
- Fixed: OMC: MME status and synchronization of the second cell is abnormal (QRTB eNB)
- Fixed: OMC: eNB falsely displays as Inactive and MME disconnected but the eNB is operational
- Fixed: OMC: Alarm emails may fail to send
- Fixed: OMC: "WAN PORT Settings" in MML command list fail to load
- Fixed: OMC: Can not display the EU and UR list (Nova 846)
- Fixed: OMC: RF status is falsely reporting as abnormal (Nova 846)
- Fixed: OMC: DL PRB shows the wrong number on OMC dashboard (Neutrino 224)
- Fixed: BOSS: Cannot register a new account with the same name as a deleted account

Any updates on the upgrade. All of our radios went down after the upgrade. I have not received or seen any updates from BaiCells on the upgrade and what issues were found. A bunch of the radio cell descriptions disappeared.