Cloud OMC/BOSS Upgrade Announcement - May 7, 2020 @ 12:00am Pacific

The OMC and BOSS section of CloudCore is being upgraded May 7 at midnight pacific time. This upgrade adds a number of SAS-related features and improved UI design.

Downtime is expected to last 10 minutes and the CloudCore portal may not be accessible during this time. This upgrade will have no impact on UE or eNB connectivity to the Cloud EPC as well as the DP SAS service.


OMC Version 6.0.5 & BOSS Version 6.0.5

New Features:
- Added: OMC: SAS: Legacy mode (uses B42/43 instead of B48)
- Added: OMC: SAS: Improved channel selection logic
- Added: OMC: SAS: Multi-step
- Added: OMC: SAS log now available for all OMC users
- Added: OMC: Alarm support for CPEs
- Added: OMC: IPv6 Support
- Added: OMC: "CPE NAME" on OMC synced to "Nickname" under CPE TR069 settings

- Improved: New GUI design for OMC and BOSS
- Improved: Quick links added to OMC Dashboard
- Improved: Ability to export Statistics from OMC Dashboard
- Improved: Under PCI/Frequency lock ability to view CPEs attached to eNB for eNB PCI lock option
- Improved: For CPE PCI lock section, ability to scan the eNB status to check for matching PCI and frequency
- Improved: Rename Cell ID to ECI where ECI=eNB_ID*256+CeLL_ID


Nitisha Potti of the Baicells team has put together a quick walkthrough of the updates to help you get up to speed on the most recent changes. We are monitoring the comments to this update and appreciate the feedback thus far. If you have any questions regarding the update please open a support ticket.