CloudCore EPC and HSS Upgrade Announcement - January 4, 2018 @ 12:00am Pacific


Both Cloud EPC and HSS servers are being upgraded on January 4, 2018, 12:00am Pacific. Base stations running software B100SPC008 and newer will remain active. Downtime is expected to last around 90 minutes.


Version BaiEPC 4.0.2
New Features:
- Added: Support roaming control between operators.
- Added: Support multiple APNs.
- Added: Support HSS failover.


Our eNB is showing a critical error. Most customers are off line. This started about 30 min before this scheduled update. Is it related?

What if anything can be done?

— update—

I rebooted the eNB and the error went away. Only 2 customers reconnected, but those 2 likely have the ping watchdog enabled.

Prior to this, there were no issues for over 30 days. All customers have the PCI locked.


We are showing many subscribers offline after this update. I thought maybe it was an OMC reporting issue, however when I log into the eNBs directly I am seeing the same results.

Need guidance…


Ours seemed to come back after reboots. Still a few outstanding clients that we have to check on.