CloudCore EPC and HSS Upgrade Announcement - August 8, 2018 @ 12:00am Pacific


Both Cloud EPC and HSS servers are being upgraded on August 8, 2018, 12:00am Pacific. This upgrade mainly adds bug fixes and HSS failover support. Base stations running software B100SPC008 and newer, as well as HaloB enabled eNodeBs, will remain active. Downtime is expected to last around 2 hours.

Additional Notice: Please make sure that all outdoor Atom R9 Gen1 CPEs are upgraded to at least version BCE-ODU-1.0.12. There is a known issue in previous firmware versions that if the CPE disconnects from the MME server, there is a chance it may not attach to the same eNodeB until the CPE is rebooted.


This notice is the first that I am seeing that lists the need for Atom R9 Gen1 CPE software updates - two days before the EPC maintenance work is scheduled. The other announcement for this maintenance does not list the Additional Notice. This is really not acceptable. Work on your notifications!


Cameron posted over on Facebook that this is postponed for a week.