Integrating with AT&T

I have many years designing licensed & license- exempt FWA but no experience with CBRS, private lte and BaiCells. I have a customer that wants to have access to AT&T & Verizon cellular for staff and guests on his 11000 acre ranch but AT&T won’t build it out. Carrier tower is about 12 miles away. Is this something that can be done with BaiCells? Cost is not an issue at this point.
Thanks for your help!

…loading up horse trailer, spectrum analyzer, and drive test gear to come survey the ranch now… But seriously, does the ranch have zero coverage, even at the “homestead”? You’ll need some sort of backhaul to get to the internet (satellite/Starlink or point to point microwave link to nearest network access). CBRS will get you cheap shared spectrum (about $15 bucks a radio channel per month for GAA) for local coverage on the ranch, but that doesn’t help you with interfacing with ATT/VZW/TMO. If you can figure out how to negotiate some sort of backhaul gateway from the CBRS Baicells eNBs to the MNOs, that might work. Maybe host a MOCN? You also need to have a CPI cert to install radios.

Thank you for your thoughts on this. The ranch has zero coverage cellular coverage. They do have a 750 Mbps pipe on the property from a wisp, and I can give them VoWiFi to all the buildings but that doesn’t help with the outlying areas. And the marching orders ARE: “Get us connected to Verizon & AT&T!” I’ll give BaiCells a call. It is my understanding they are the only solution that will allow a smartphone to directly connect to the mno via the CBRS network.

Why ?
CBRS created exactly for this case.
You need connect all CBRS RFs to SAS arbitrator, and only it may give you a permissions to radiate or not.
This is how the CBRS is working.

Apparently, the BaiCells eNBs are not approved by the carriers to connect to their network. Still learning as I go.

You may use the MOCN gateway form approved vendor and hide all eNBs behind it.
Don’t tell anyone who is the RF vendor and all MNO’s will see only the MOCNs :wink:

What is a MOON gateway?

Not a mOOn the moCn gateway
(M)ulti-(O)perator (C)ore (N)etworks gateway

Got it. Thanks!!!