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Hi guy’s and gals. Woo Hoo I get to make the first post in this forum. I would like to introduce myself Im Terry Darst with ANTS-Technology, Inc. located in Terrell TX. We are primarily a Ubiquity/Mimosa company. Back in August our distributor ISP Supply introduced us to Baicells. We got our first eNB in last week and mounted it yesterday on the tower. I have to say it was super easy and the test we have ran so far are crazy good. Im really excited to be here and look fwd to talking with all of you soon.


Hey Terry, just wanted to say thanks for posting! We’re looking forward to connecting with everyone and seeing what people have to say. I’ll be monitoring the posts that go on in the forum so if you or anyone else has a question feel free to reach out!

Thank you!!! You guys are great….

Terry Darst
ANTS-Technology Inc.
1105 E. Moore Ave
Terrell, TX 75160
Office: (972) 524-2145 Ext. 2145
Cell: (214) 878-2145

Hi. I’m slowly investigating the possibility of starting a small WISP to bring > DSL internet to a rural community.

I’m hopeful that I can make it happen in 2017. The largest impediment so far is the cost of tower space. The running costs are obviously the killer.

My conclusion from research is that LTE is the future.


LTE is the way to go if you want a sustainable network. We’re glad to have you here Jay!

Stephen Gertson here from EBTX Wireless, LLC. Brand new start up WISP. Will be starting our tests next week. We will have three base station on one tower with 90 degree sectors. Looking forward to seeing how all of this performs. I will take any advice that anyone has on deploying this equipment and look forward to reading more on this forum as it becomes more and more active.


Tony Pierro here from Wireless Internet Services, Inc. I’m California. We’re looking into Baicells and obtained an experimental 3.55-3.70 license, and have an existing 3.65 license we can utilize along side our airFiber 3X links we have. Looking forward to getting the ball rolling with Baicells LTE very, very soon!


Welcome Jay. Where are you based?

Welcome Steve, It was great to meet you in Dallas. It appears you have gotten a lot accomplished since September!

Welcome Tony. We are getting the ball rolling.

The area that I want to provide service to is in Upper Michigan. I spoke to recently via email about 3.65 licenses.

– Dominic Feira

Thanks Dominic, is there anything I need to do for you at this point?

Nope, but thanks for checking.

That’s great news pal. You saw my message on FB didn’t you? :wink:

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Thanks, we may have lots of questions over the next few weeks. Being new to this we are glad there is a place to gain knowledge from others who have gone down this path before.

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Hello Everyone, I am the North America Director of WISP Markets for Baicells Technologies. I have over 20 years experience in the WISP industry having started a WISP in Indiana in 1997. I am also a founding board member of WISPA and was the Executive Director from 2010 to 2014. It has always been my pleasure to serve this great industry of entrepreneurs. I sold my WISP in 2008 with over 2000 customers and 7 additional vWISPs connected to our network. I also have been involved with Select Spectrum in the EBS/BRS 2.5-2.6 GHz spectrum auction and have found many 3.65 GHz NN Licenses for operators in the last six months. I am here as an excellent resource for many technical troubleshooting issues which develop that typical engineers may not be able to answer. I can rely on my years of experience building and managing WISP networks and many contacts I have in the industry to help solve your problems. I also feel my role at Baicells is somewhat a customer advocate, who pushes the engineering team for new hardware and software features as soon as possible.

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Hi everyone!

Jake Stennett here with Denetech, located in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. We’re a ubiquiti shop and just landed some Baicells gear for some testing.

Brand new to the LTE world, and fairly excited to get this up and going. Time to figure out how to set this all up!

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I am Casey Imgarten with Airlink in Missouri.

I started my wisp 5 years ago. Last I looked I’ve got about 40 “sites”. 1300 customers and growing now more than ever with the use of our existing ubnt 5.8 gear and the newly implemented baicells 3.65 LTE gear. This last couple of months have been very exciting!

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LTE noob here. Just purchased a 3.65 NN license and have my first 3.5 base station. Just working on getting it online with support. If all goes well should be deploying many of these.

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Hi all,

I’m Joe Novak with LR Communications based out of Leaf River, Illinois. We are actively deploying Baicells in a couple of tough to service areas and we have seen great results so far!


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